The Interesting History of Modular Homes

Prefabricated modular homes have long been considered cheap and not very well built. However, factory direct modular homes in today’s market go above and beyond what was accepted in the prefab home of the past. Custom modular homes are now available, which allows those who cannot afford to build a custom home, the luxury of detailing their new abode to their own taste.

The history of these homes is an interesting one. For an individual thinking of purchasing a new modular home, they should understand a bit about their past and the advancements that have been made.

Modular homes really began in the early twentieth century, when Sears Roebuck Company sold pre-made homes between 1910 and 1940. Individuals were able to purchase these homes from the ever popular Sears catalog, which listed a variety of styles that could be purchased and shipped. The homes were shipped via the railroad and came with instructions on how to assemble. A new modular home could have up to fifty thousand pieces that needed to be put together, before moving in was possible.

Another time that manufactured and modular homes became very popular was after World War II. During this time, soldiers began to come home and they were looking for new homes, in which to start a family. The demand was so great that the housing market could not keep up. This is one reason that the modular home market began to explode and evolved tremendously. These homes offered low cost and an efficiency that was rarely seen with the mobile type homes on the market. Even now, some homes that were built during this time are still being used.

Modular homes are a great way for people with a small amount of money to enjoy the benefits of owning their own residence. No longer does one have to be concerned with the safety issues that were expressed in the past. Today, these homes are very economical and one can feel safe that their family will be protected in the style chosen. The new manufactured and modular homes are amazing in their modern design and provide safety for all who chose to invest in one.