What are the Costs Involved for Modular Homes

It is fair to say that the majority of adults would like to own their own home but often find themselves either lacking in time or finances to have a home that is to there own individual taste. If that description matches your situation, did you know that you can have your dream home without the hassle of trying to build it yourself and at a cost that will not stretch your finances to breaking point.

A modular home can turn your dreams in to reality and it can also be built in a fraction of the time. If you have always been curious about the exciting world of modular homes, then read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Costs of Modular Homes

The cost depends largely on what plan you choose. All plans can be customized to your unique specifications. Larger homes translate into bigger expense so how much home you want will influence the bottom line. Typically modular homes are cheaper per square foot than a traditionally built home and they are much faster to build. You can have your home completely built within two months. That is from start to finish.

Mobile or Modular Homes

Both are built in factories and then brought out to your land. A mobile, or manufactured, home is transported on wheels which can be left on or off when it reaches your building site. A modular home is transported in section on large flatbed trucks. It is never mobile and is assembled once it reaches your land and foundation. That is another difference. A modular home must be placed on a concrete foundation in order to be built.

Modular Home Foundations

Most modular home manufacturers do not cover the cost of the foundation. You can add that cost in with your total home loan or you can pay for that out of your own pocket. Most people elect to finance the total price so they do not have as many initial fees or costs. Check with the manufacturer to see what exactly is covered and what is not.

Additional Modular Home Costs

Modular homes usually do not come with any of the appliances inside so that is definitely something to keep in mind. Other fees include the set up costs, water and septic as well as any closing fees associated with your home loan. You will also have to pay for insurance and of course have the property to put the house.

Can I Add More Rooms

Yes, just as you can a traditionally built home. Modular homes are not like the single wide trailers that look strange if you add on a room. These are solid built pieces of construction that can be changed to fit whatever you wish. If you want to add on another room or remodel, it is entirely up to you.