Closet Organization Ideas

In an ideal world, it be would be great if every morning, we woke refreshed and chipper, and then got up to have breakfast and get dressed, our perfect wardrobe neatly laid out the night before to save time and searching. Having our clothes ready would be the ideal morning time saver and would save a lot of second-guessing, but most people do not go for night before preparation.

Usually, people shower and try to figure out something to wear from the closet. But if your closet is organized, reaching in could mean that whatever your hand touches is ready and easy to match, saving you time each morning.

Closet organization can be tricky because just like music, clothes can bring back distinct memories. That dress that you wore on your honeymoon nine years ago, or that pair of stone wash jeans you had in the eighties can be hard things to part with, but some times you have to cut down on the memorabilia you want to preserve.

Cleaning out your closet two or three times a year will help to decrease the clutter and help with decision making. Generally, you should give away anything that you have not worn in a year or more. You can also give your clothes to a good charity, write them off, and feel better about yourself. There are specific places that take clothing donations in every city, but some of the big ones are:

  • Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Veterans Association
  • Hubbard House (local domestic violence shelter)

Another tip to keep in mind when you are disposing of clutter is to keep a “skinny” pile (just in case). My “skinny” pile consist of three pairs of jeans that I am convinced I will wear again at some point.

The next thing that is helpful when organizing your closet is to take everything out. Taking everything out may seem like a waste of time, but you can categorize everything better and, in the end, it is faster. Separate your work clothes from your weekend clothes. If you have enough room you can make different sections such as work pants, work shirts, jeans, weekend skirts, and so on. do not be surprised if while participating in this project you find yourself becoming a little obsessive compulsive…it happens. Some people start to go crazy by categorizing by color, length, and fabric. None of the little details matter as long as work and play are separate.

Next, do not forget your shoes and drawers.

I know that a lot of people save their shoeboxes, and this is a great idea if you do not repeat buy. However, if you own fifty pairs of Prada, this will be a problem. Ideally, you want to bite the bullet and buy clear shoe boxes and label them or place a Polaroid picture of the shoe on the outside of the box. The picture system works for a lot of people, but I find that a shoe rack works just as well (my shoes are probably not in the best of shape either).

Your drawers should be organized as well. Underwear, stockings, and bras would be really happy if they did not have to share a drawer. Your camisoles would also be happy being able to be independent from everything else, but if this is not an option, most large chain stores will carry dividers for your drawers.

We are all individuals, and we all organize our things and our lives in different ways to suit our personality. There is one thing that we all have in common, though: our lives can get so busy that we do not realize cleaning up a bit will end up saving time every day.  While closet organization may seem boring at first, the benefits of having a neat cupboard pay off immensely.