Tips on Managing Time for Yourself

The media is the first to tell us that we need to learn to take time for ourselves and try to breathe while balancing our jobs, our families and relationships, the busy schedules of our days. Taking time for ourselves is something that everyone already knows is important, but who actually has the time to do it.

That is the irony of the situation – there is no time for time. Or is there. Managing the time you do have available efficiently and properly can end up leaving you relaxed and moving from task to task, rather than getting stressed out while you rush around.

The first thing to do when making your weekly schedule is to pencil in at least two hours of time that belongs to you, and you alone. Think of something you enjoy doing, be that a walk in the park or a weekly game of golf, and make that the activity for that block of time. Everyone who wants to be able to face life in general needs to have happy, stress-free moments, and paying yourself first when it comes to time, lets you have that relaxed confidence you need to get through the rest of the week.

Exercise can be a stress reliever as well. However, if you are someone who dreads going to the gym, or even having to lift groceries out of the car, this can be a more stressful activity than you may want to take on. If exercising is not in your daily regime, and you do not belong to a gym, try to walk around the block a couple of times. You can also go to a local park and do a few laps. It may sound like a simple thing, but fresh air can make you feel like a different person. The exercising part (circulation, blood flow, etc.) can make you feel more industrious, but just getting away from all of the chaos can make your mind clearer.

Many people have kids, and as much as we would like to have the nuclear family, many of us do not. It can be hard to release stress from a long day when you come home only to find more people who are putting demands on you. If you are a single parent, there is no relief because some things have to be done. As silly as it may seem, taking three to five minutes in your room or outside (even if it is just to count to ten), helps in more ways than you can imagine. Children are defenseless and they want to soak up what is left of your time, energy, and attention as much as they can. They have a hard time understanding concepts like waiting, headaches, pending conference calls, and overall tiredness. Take a second for yourself so that you can reassess what you need to get done and spend quality time with your family, not quantitative time.

People really do not like to pencil down appointments to spend times with friends or family, as they feel guilty their lives are so busy they have to actually schedule their social life and think others judge them because of that. The truth is, your social life is very important. After all, we work hard to achieve time to spend where we enjoy spending it best, do not we? If you need to schedule time to see loved ones and family, then do it. They will actually reap the benefits of having you to themselves when you said they would, instead of having someone who is half-distracted from unfinished work.