Shoestring Living Tips for Moms

Moms – are you trying to save some of your hard earned cash or looking for some tips on surviving on a shoestring budget. Read on for some shoestring living tips that you can implement and save yourself big bucks at the same time.

The way we live these days, it seems faster and more practical to buy ice to stuff our coolers with, but buying ice is a complete waste of money and really does not gain anything at all. You can cool down your ice chests for barbecues and vacations by freezing empty milk jugs that are filled with water. On the other hand, you can freeze the milk itself for a sure-fire cold drink or frozen juice in containers work just as well.

Do you find yourself buying hot dogs at every ballgame, carnival or other outing at over $2 each?

Make a bunch of hot dogs and freeze them. You can usually buy 48 hotdogs and 48 buns for around $10 (you do the math for what you will save). Cook them all on the grill, put them in buns, and then freeze them just like that. You can then take some hot dogs out before you leave, microwave them, and place them in the cooler to eat for when you get there. They will taste just as good as the ones at the concession stands!

Are you tired of spending money on the spontaneous trips to the fast food drive-thru because the kids are hungry?

Make some peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and then freeze them. When you are about to run out the door, you can grab a couple and they will be thawed by the time little tummies starts to growl. If you put your frozen sandwiches in a small cooler to eat later on, they’ll act as an ice pack while thawing, keeping drinks cold.

Are you tired of buying so many clothes for your kids because they are continually outgrowing their outfits or the season and fashion change?

Cut down on how much clothing you need to buy by cutting pants into shorts when the weather warms up. Usually, pants will no longer fit by winter anyways, and you will not have to spend extra money on shorts.

Never pay full price for sandbox toys again!

Instead, go to the thrift store and buy bread pans, dishes, tins… anything you can find that would be fun to scoop or mold. Kids do not care what they play with, as long as they have something!

You had expensive portraits taken and when you got them home, your little one thought the pictures were the perfect things to color.

What do you do to save your memories? Spray the pictures with hairspray and wipe with fast yet gentle strokes. The marker ink will come right off.

Tube socks are great for cheap leg warmers.

When toddlers are picked up in someone’s arms, often their pant legs push up and expose skin to the cold. By cutting off the toe of a tube sock and using the tube as a leg warmer, your kids will not have freezing flesh. Not only that, you can use the discarded toe of your tube sock for a great dusting mitt!

Libraries are getting into the movie rental craze, and plenty offer DVD or VHS movie rentals. There are libraries that have a website that you can browse for titles and even reserve the title of a movie you would like to go pick up. Renting movies, this way is far cheaper than going to the movie rental store, and some libraries are even more convenient, offering self-checkouts.