Baby Wipes Clean More Than Just Babies

When you are looking to live a little more frugally or want to cut back on chemical cleaning products, the convenience and ease of use baby wipes offer can be a fantastic solution. Baby wipes clean more than just babies bottoms, even though clever marketing would have us think that way. Baby wipes can be an all-in-one cleaning miracle for many different things, and here are some tips to get you started on saving money.

Clean a DVD Disc

Use baby wipes to clean off your dirty or scratched DVD’s & CD’s. The baby wipes do not make your DVDs scratch-free, but they will remove smudges and finger marks, which will usually allow the DVDs to play properly.

Remove Hair Color from Skin

Use baby wipes to wipe off any color or dye gone astray; the wipes will take the color right off your skin and not leave a telltale stain.

Home Cleaning Tips

Baby wipes are usually cheaper than specialized cleaning wipes. You can use them for cleaning off counters in kitchens, bathrooms, and just about anywhere around your home. You can use them to wipe smudges off walls or to get rid of those yucky toothpaste spots on your bathroom faucet. You can use them for cleaning up ceiling fan dust quickly with a fast swipe.

If you have a swiffer-type mop but are tired of paying for expensive refill pads, replace them with baby wipes that work just as well and cost far less. Use them to squash bugs and clean up the mess at the same time. If you have pets, you can wipe a baby wipe on their coat to pick up loose hairs. Do the same on your furniture that has been “decorated” with fur and shedding.

Cleaning Car Dashboards

Wipes are great for cleaning the inside of your car and getting the dust off the dashboard or the coffee that leaked into your cup holders.

Baby Wipes for Makeup that wont Wash off

Baby wipes are gentle on skin and easily remove makeup in the evening or sticky sauce at barbecues. There is no point in paying more money than you have to for hand or facial wipes that are basically the same product as a baby wipe, only in different packaging. Freshness and hygiene wipes are becoming popular for quick clean up, but baby wipes serve exactly the same purpose. Try to forget that they are marketed for babies and you can find many uses for those little wet squares.

Other Handy uses for Baby Wipes

They will help you get a stain off your shirt until you can get it properly washed, and they are great for using when you are crafting, as they will remove just about any substance off your hands. You can even give your shoes and boots a swipe and make them look like new again.

Extra ideas for baby wipes include removing the dreaded white deodorant smear on the shirt you were planning to wear. Carry some in your purse to wipe down grocery cart handles, door handles or other areas that might be germ-contaminated.

This is by no means a complete list of places you can use baby wipes, but it gives you an idea of the myriad uses. Next time you are at the grocery store about to buy a pack of disinfectant kitchen wipes at a grossly inflated price, ask yourself if baby wipes would do the trick instead; the answer will probably be yes!