Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

Frugal grocery shopping is a great way to save plenty of money, but many folks avoid the job of cutting coupons or changing their shopping habits simply because they see those advantages as chores.

The truth is that changing your shopping strategy and using coupons offered by stores can save a lot of money in the long run, which leaves you the option of finally getting that gadget you have always wanted or buying a new outfit to reward yourself. You could put the money you have saved aside and watch it grow as you keep up your new shopping habits. You will also feel proud that you have saved money without sacrificing on quality, just by changing the way you do things.

How do you manage to do all this and how long will it take?

Cutting coupons, once you have your system in place, takes less than five minutes. Putting them in a pre-made coupon sorter will take two minutes and scanning the grocery ads to compare prices on items you buy adds on another five minutes or so to the total time.  So, if you could save $20 – $100 every time you shopped and it only took you 12 minutes, you would not hesitate, would you. Of course, you wouldn’t, unless you are one of the few people that like throwing money out the window.

Here are a few more money saving grocery shopping tips –

Scan the different grocery store sales fliers for items that you need or regularly use and compare prices. It may be beneficial for you to shop at two different stores, depending on which one has what on sale. Comparing prices may sound like a real task, but as long as the stores are nearby, it is worth it.

Before using a coupon, look and see if the price is truly is the best deal. How much would another brand be without a coupon? Sometimes, coupon prices are not always the best deal. The grocery store reels you in with sale prices to get you to spend more on the other items in the store, so do not be fooled!

Choosing generic products over big-name labels can save you lots of money and the product you are buying is often the same as what is under the packaging of that brand name you recognize. Manufacturers will sell their products to other companies who turn around and repackage items in their own boxes and containers. The quality of the product is identical, but the difference is that you will save quite a bit of money when you buy generic products versus brand-name labels.

Dollar stores are a good place to shop as well. Many people think that the merchandise and products offered at these types of stores is there because it is lesser quality, old, or stale, but in reality, that is not always the case. Most often, manufacturers sell large amounts of products to dollar stores when they change their usual packaging and want to avoid the old packaging being displayed on store shelves. After all, people like things that look new and innovative, but the truth is that what is inside the box or container is the same thing, most of the time. By shopping at the dollar store, you will get the same product at one-third the cost.

One caveat about dollar and pound stores is to make sure that what you are buying is not being sold cheaper in your local grocery store. I have been caught out a few times, thinking I have a great deal on an item from a dollar store only to find that the same item is on offer in the local supermarket for seventy cents or so.