Creative Money Saving Tips that Anyone Can Do – Even You

You may have come across the saying about looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Whether that is true or not is anybodies guess but to help you on your way, here are some creative money saving tips that anybody can do.

If you do not have a landscaping budget but want to landscape your yard, how about getting ten or more trees for next to nothing? Just visit the National Arbor Day Foundation’s website and sign up for a membership. For $10 a year, the Foundation will send you at least ten trees and tips on how to help them grow.

There is a little known trick that the gas companies would prefer that you did not know about and that is to buy gas in the morning and you will get up to one free gallon of gas. The gas station does not give you a gallon of gas free, but rather the laws of physics are at work. Gasoline expands with heat, so if you fill your tank in the morning when temperatures are cooler, you will actually have more gas by the afternoon when the day warms up!

Call your utility and cell phone providers and ask them if there is any way for you to save money on your bill. Most of the time, they can review your account and give you suggestions on how to save. Sometimes they can find a better plan or even cut your bill. Companies have been known to deduct up to $100 a month of the bill just because they have been asked!

Call your credit card companies and ask them about how to reduce your interest rate. Mention that you received an offer from a competitor for a lower interest rate and your current credit card company will probably match the rate, as they do not want to lose your business!

Is that white shirt getting a little dingy? Rather than throwing it away; dye it instead. There are many dyes currently available for clothing and you can check out the options at your local craft store. An even cheaper way to go when dying clothing is to use Kool-Aid. Add three packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid to warm water along with your shirts and they will come out a light shade of pink or red. Very strong coffee is a great soak for a beige or brown color, and there are some other natural products that will give your clothes a new look.

Want to watch a movie at home? Before you go to your local movie rental store, check with the library to see what rental they may have available. Many libraries have a wide selection of movies that are free to check out, and some even have online databases that you can browse to reserve a movie you want to watch.

Shop around for auto insurance. Take the coverage information from your policy and call around for quotes. Make sure insurance companies give you a quote for the same coverage you currently have. If you do find a lower quote, call your current auto insurance company and let them know the other company has quoted you a lower price. Most of the time, your insurance company will match that rate and keep your business.