How to Save Time and Money by Cooking in Bulk

Cooking is a task in itself and plenty of people get tired of it, losing interest or not knowing what to make. Cooking in bulk can be a fantastic way to save time and money as well as stress, and you will be able to come home from work, pop something in the oven or microwave, and not have to worry about starting a second shift of jobs around the home.

You will also get to choose when you want to cook and prepare meals ahead of time. Here are some great tips for bulk shopping and cooking:

When shopping, plan your meals around what is on sale. For example, if the ground beef is on sale for a ridiculously low price, buy that and use it in your meals. Do all your shopping at once, which may include going to two different stores to get everything you need at the best prices. Compare your grocery stores to warehouse clubs and thrift stores to see where the cheapest prices are.

Look over the recipes you have chosen and find all the similar steps to combine them. For example, find all of steps that include the onions that need to be cut up and do the chopping at once. Do the same with sauces, dough, and anything that is similar. Cook, cut and separate any meat that is used in multiple recipes. Let the food cool, then prepare each meal and cook as many in the oven together as you can. Keep cooking until all food is done.

You can store the meals however you would like; just make sure whatever you use for storage containers is meant for the freezer (i.e.: Ziploc freezer bags) so that your food doesn’t get frostbite. You can also store food in freezer containers or glass dishes. Make sure you label the food and put the reheating instructions on the label as well (you can tape a piece of paper to the container or bag). When you decide to eat a meal, take the meal out, defrost and cook or reheat in the oven. It is that easy!

If you are not sure what recipes to choose for bulk cooking, looking up menu plans or recipes on the internet can give you some great options. Using “bulk cooking” keywords, you can find plenty of good recipes that will help you prepare many meals in advance.

When you do decide your day of cooking, have something already prepared for your meal that night, as bulk cooking can be tiring – though only tiring once a week, as opposed to the annoyance of daily cooking. Better yet, get your family involved and delegate tasks to each member, which will cut down on your time. Often, there is fun to be had in the whole gang pitching in!