Nine Effective Ways to Save Money on Gas

With the seemingly continuous rise in the price of gas, many folks are looking for ways to save money at the petrol pump. There are ways to reduce what you spend on fuel, which does not mean that you will need to walk to work each day. Read on to discover nine effective ways to save money on gas for your car.

Do Away With the Gas-Guzzler

Yes, that means your large sports utility vehicle will have to go. Those large SUVs, as well as trucks, use loads of gas. If forking out over $70 at the pump each time you fill up sounds familiar, then the time has come to trade in the gas guzzler for something more practical and fuel efficient. However, consider your driving practices along with your car requirements. If you have a very large family, it may not be realistic for you to trade down to a smaller car but if you are single or only, have one or two kids, do you really need that SUV? Similarly, think about your driving habits. If you do not haul large items frequently or do not often take long road trips, then you can probably get by with having a smaller, more fuel efficient car.

Shop Around for Gas

Although shopping around for the cheapest gas may seem obvious, how many folks actually do it. You can find good deals on gas, sometimes several cents cheaper if you just look around. There are even Internet sites where you can enter your zip code to find the cheapest gas in your region. However, just remember that if you are not careful, you can use more gas going to the cheaper gas! Consequently, only use this technique if the filling station is nearby or if you are going in that direction anyway.

Become a Multi Task Mom

This means forward planning when you need to run errands. You will be able to get several errands done in one trip if you plan carefully. Make a list of what you need and where you will go. By doing so, you will be able to get all of your errands done in one trip while saving on gas at the same time.

Walk, Ride, and Use the Bus

Although most folks prefer not to walk, you can save a wad of money by not using your car. If you have shops nearby your home, why not walk or ride your bike. You will save on gas and get some much-needed exercise into the bargain.

How About the Children

Is there bus service from your home to the school? You will be able to save a lot by not sitting in the school parking zone and leaving your car idle for ten minutes while you wait. Additionally, if you are a taxpayer, you probably already pay for the bus service, so why not use it and save money as well.

Pay for your Gas Wisely

When you purchase your petrol, do you ever consider how you pay for it? If you are able to pay hard cash, that is the ideal way. However, if you use a gas charge card, look for one that will give you cash back on purchases or give you credit towards your kids college tuitions. Whenever you use a credit card and do not pay it off each month, not only are you paying more for the gas, but you are also adding to that cost with the monthly interest charge.

Buy your Gas in the Early Morning or Late Evening

It is true; this approach of filling up can help you save a little on your petrol bill. When it is cooler outside, gas is denser than when it is warm. When you fill up, the gas pumps are set to measure the volume of the gas, not the density. Therefore, if you fill up when it is cooler, you are getting an overall better deal.

Get the Most for Your Money

Many folks are not aware of this, but you can get up to an extra half a cup of gas just by turning the nozzle 180 degrees after you pump. The reason being that when you fill your car, some of gas stays in the nozzle. You have paid for that gas, so it might as well be in your tank. When you turn the nozzle before pulling it out of the tank, it is an added bonus for you.

Buy a Lower Grade of Gas

You may not need that more expensive high-octane petrol. For the majority of drivers, the lower octane gas will work just fine. It will save you a bundle of money in the long run, will not harm your car, and you will save at the pump each time you fill up.