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Have you ever debated buying a few items to sell them on auction sites or to other people for a profit? Often, it is easy to make a few dollars by spending a couple.

Sites like EBay make buying and selling easy, and there are plenty of people earning some extra cash just by offering things for sale and purchasing other items when the price is right.

Buying at Thrift stores versus Garage Sales

Garage sale mark-ups are not as high as the thrift store, and you can find more items that are “like new.”  The other benefit of a garage sale is that you can haggle with a seller whereas a thrift store is less likely to let you ask for a price reduction. You do, however have to watch out for sellers that have emotional attachment to their items. While the vase given to them, by their grandmother, may have sentimental value that does not affect the actual value of the item.

When you are in the business of buying and selling, supply and demand is one of the most important rules to keep in mind. You have to sell things that people want and are looking for, so try to find out what’s hot and pick some up to earn a few dollars. In fact, there have been some incidents of people making hundreds or even thousands of dollars by buying and selling somebody else’s junk at the right moment in time. Try to sell things that are hard to find but that are also popular – there has to be a demand and market for you to make a profit at all. It is a good idea to read up on how to spot valuable items at garage sales and auctions as well.

Deciding where to sell your items depends on what the item is. Several websites are best for selling books, with Amazon and Half.com being the top two. Items can be sold on EBay and you can usually make a profit if your description and terms are well written. The better your description and picture, the more money you will sell for. Another place to sell items is on Craigslist. Just look up your local area and see what prices other people are selling similar items. You can also offer to barter for items on their site with relative ease.

The last option to earn money off items is hosting your own garage sale. This can be profitable if you go to garage sales at the end of the day when the seller is trying to get rid of everything to avoid packing it back up. You can also check out Craigslist for free items that are being offered. Many times after a garage sale, people will list all their leftover items that are sitting on the curb, free for the taking. If you have a truck and some garage space, you can take everything off their hands at the end of the day. The benefit to sellers is they do not have to haul leftovers back inside, and you get items free – a win/win situation!

Try to stick with what you know and like. If you are interested in teapots or rooster items, narrow down your purchases to those types. When it comes time to advertise or sell, you will be more likely to turn a profit if you are selling something you are interested in and know a lot about. Most of all, remember to have fun in your buying and selling business.