Garage Door Opener Installation

Home garage door opener installation is not a simple do it yourself job. Even so, the job is a lot easier today than it was with units manufactured in years gone by. You can certainly install the opener yourself provided that you are confident in your own abilities to do so.

You will find explicit fitting instructions with the majority of all new garage door opener kits. It is imperative that you follow these instructions to the letter. Whatever you do, don’t be a clever dick and try to work it out yourself. The fact is, garage door openers can be dangerous because of the springs that are under very high tension. You really don’t want to risk injuring yourself.

Garage Door Maintenance

Before even attempting to install the door opener, you first need to find out how well the garage door works. Garage doors can be very heavy. All garage door openers will specify the maximum door weight they are designed to work with. Make sure your door is in the right weight range for the garage door opener you are installing. If you discover that your garage door is too lightweight, you will need to reinforce it.

Checking the actual operation of the garage door should be your next step. If the door cannot be opened easily by hand, you will need to investigate the reasons for this and carry out remedial maintenance. If the garage door has seen better days, you may be looking at installing a new one. If that is the case, you will also need to ensure that the framework is capable of supporting the new door to which the new opener is being fitted.

Garage Door Opener Wiring

All garage door openers come with a power unit. This should be installed in a place where it won’t interfere with people walking around in the garage. For safety reasons, the power cord that is fitted to the opener should only be accessible to an adult. Although it should go without saying, the electrical supply should be disconnected when working with the permanent wiring required to power the opener.

If you are an experienced diy’er, you can probably have your garage door opener installed within a day. You will need a selection of tools such as a stepladder, drill, spirit level, tape measure, hammer, various screwdrivers, side cutters, pliers, adjustable wrench and hacksaw.

Garage Door Opener Safety

There are three types of garage door openers. Out of those, the screw drive is probably the easiest to fit. No future adjustments will be needed since it doesn’t need belts or chains to operate. Make sure that the garage door opener that you intend fitting has the built in auto reverse safety feature as required by law. Make sure that any wall control buttons are fitted well out of reach of small children so that they cannot play with the door. For extra safety, infrared beam boxes should be installed near the bottom of the garage door opening.

If you consider yourself an expert do it yourself-er, you should have little or no problem installing a garage door opener. If you install your own, don’t skimp on the safety precautions. Garage doors are heavy, sometimes causing injury. As well as the size and weight, garage door springs are also a danger due to the great tension they are under.