Find More Family Time by Hiring a Personal Chef

Countless folks claim to have two jobs: One at the office, from nine to five, and another shift of work that starts the minute they get home. It is unfortunate that our time has become so crunched and we are so pressured to perform, but that is the way the world is today. Looking to find more family time so you can spend it doing the things you enjoy is important.

One of the best and least-used ways that you can spare your energy and your mood is to avoid the supper rush completely, with the services of an in home personal chef – and they are not as expensive as you would have thought!

There are great benefits to hiring your own personal chef. Instead of having to constantly be preparing new meals every day, a personal chef can save you the trouble of menu and effort by coming to your home to prepare meals that you can freeze. Most times, you will have a supply of meals for two weeks, and each of them will be customized to preferences and nutritional requirements or allergies. The best thing is that personal chefs clean up after themselves!

Although a personal chef is cheaper than eating out every night, you doing the legwork yourself will always be the more frugal choice to outsourcing. There is a wide range in pricing depending on where you live and the services that are offered. Generally, a chef will charge approximately $350 for twenty meals or $25 an hour. Sometimes you will find a chef that is just starting out, or is in between jobs, but their prices are usually close to the same. Prices are more for families ($450 for ten meals 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old), and there is a container fee of $15 with groceries normally totalling 20% of the bill. You have to remember that you are paying for a service, but it is a service that will allow you to spend more time doing other things.

A thorough Internet search is the best way to find a cooking service. Most places have individuals that advertise their expertise in some way. However, if you want to save even more time by cutting through the screening process, is your best bet. is the largest database for personal chefs. There is a map where you click on your state, then city, and it spits out a list of chefs for you. All of the chefs that are listed on the site are registered with a professional organization like United States Personal Chefs Organization.

Regardless of how you do your hiring, there are certain questions that must be asked to a potential chef before handing over your family’s health to his or her cutting board. You should know where they went to culinary school or what their background is that makes them qualified to cook in your home. They should have personal insurance in order to be freelancing. They should be registered with some sort of professional organization, which will verify their credentials. They should be able to supply you with references, and sample menus of what they can do.

Of course, bringing anyone into your home requires a certain amount of being careful and doing research. A nice appearance and plenty of charm does not always mean that you are hiring who you think you are, so ask lots of questions and make sure you have answers that do not leave you with more questions. In food, especially, careful preparation and sanitation can mean the difference between good health and dire illness, so do not treat the whole procedure as just a fun way of getting someone to cook for you.