Family Time Management for Busy Moms

The words family time management are so easy to say, and yet so hard for moms all around the world to do. Besides scheduling being nice, life happens, and things sometimes do not go according to some idealized schedule written in a personal planner.

There is nothing wrong with personal planners or making goals, but you have to get real. Most of all, you have to accept the fact, that you as a mom cannot control the world with your handy planner. That being the case, why do you need a planner at all?

As well as requiring some organization, you also need a personal planner to achieve some basic goals. They are really quite simple, and they will surprise you, they might even shock you! The problem might be for you is to accept them, work with, and to be happy about them. The facts about scheduling in your planner will be straight forward, and look at it this way, you will not have to outlay a great deal of cash either for a big personal planner. Here are some steps to find time for your family.

Prioritize Your Life

This means home, work and outside commitments. It might take a while to do in a standard notebook, but it can be done. Before you ever touch any planner, use the notebook. This means that you will have to be sure what you are committed to keep, and what you can or are willing to let go of. However, make sure to buy your personal planner early because if you have an extremely busy life, you are going to need to have plenty of time to think. You will find it good to make multiple lists, and break them down one by one, for any of it to make sense. Shorter lists are easier to take care of. Check them off as they are completed, to give you a visual aid that is encouraging. Motivation is often the key to completing any tasks.

Master the Art of Saying NO

At this point, you have moved to your planner, and now you will need to consider your family. Tell yourself that you have to say no about some of their wishes and even some of your own. Too many obligations such as joining clubs, going to the skating rink, taking music lessons, joining a bowling league or even a practicing for a new play will take up plenty of your time. Decide which programs are most important and select the ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Select the most important groups or lessons and stick with your plan. This will leave more time to spend, one on one with your family.

Delegate Work with the Goal to Spend Time as a Family

With all of the cutbacks for your family, delegating work might not be taken too kindly. However, you have hit on the key to find time with them. Get involved together and achieve some goals, and at the same time rediscover some principals many families have lost. Working together makes a sense of family community and devotion a reality. It is no longer what one wants as opposed to the other, it is about the family identity and just being together.

Have Fun Kicking your Heals Up

For a while at least, you will be seen as the killjoy of their good time, so do not forget to have some real fun together as well. Take time to plan, and then write down in your personal planner a fun day out together, it doesn’t matter if it is at the zoo, or just shopping, use that time for relaxation and rediscovery for yourself too. Life is too short not to.

These basic steps of prioritizing, saying no, delegating work and kicking up your heels sounds just too simple. Of course, it takes planning but the rewards are in being able to see your family, and changing your lifestyle. That is why you have taken the time to arrange in your personal planner for the best planned occasions of your life – your family.