DIY Black Mold Removal In Your House Garage

Due to the sometimes damp environment, it is not unusual to find black mold in your house garage. This could be on the ceiling, walls or quite often on cardboard boxes used for storage. Black mold can be split into two categories even though there are 1000’s of different types.

The two categories are toxic and non toxic.

  • Non toxic black mold lives in non cellulose materials such as ceramic tiles, aluminum sink, plastics and glass.
  • Toxic black mold, which some scientists link to respiratory problems, rashes, infections and maybe even brain damage, tends to grow on cellulose based materials such as cardboard, gypsum board, wood and other porous materials.

Thus, if you plan to do some diy black mold removal, you will want to first figure out what you are doing. Some, but not all, black mold found on cellulose based materials, can produce mycotoxins which are airborne poison’s linked to asthma attacks, allergies and other illnesses.

As you may not know how to tell the difference between toxic and non-toxic black mold, it is important for you to take all necessary safety measures when dealing with it’s removal.

Since black mold spores, either toxic or non toxic, enter our body through respiration, you should always wear a face mask. To create an immediate barrier between you and the spores, go for a highly efficient, filter type mask.

It is a good idea, when cleaning black mold, to use an air purifier. Air purifiers are capable of removing toxic mold spores from the air which will give you another line of defense after the face mask.

Thirdly, mist the surface area with a good quality disinfectant. It is difficult to effectively remove black mold from a dry surface, so spraying the area with disinfectant will help you in two ways. By moistening the area, scrubbing will be a lot easier to do. Disinfectant is also very effective at killing bacteria and germs and may even go a long way to killing the black mold as well.

Black mold on non porous surfaces such as glass, tiles sinks, should be wiped off with heavy duty tissue paper or disposable rags and then put into the refuse sack. Once the waste sack is full, it should be securely tied so that mold spores cannot escape and you should avoid carrying the bag through other parts of your home if at all possible.

When cleaning is completed, use a HEPA filter air purifier to clean the surrounding air and a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.

Family members or other house guests should be asked to leave the house while you cleaning black mold in your house garage especially if they are known to be allergic to mold spores.