Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent option to increase the value of your property as well as adding a little pleasure to your hectic life. However, while we spend upwards of fifteen percent of our waking life inside them, bathrooms are often one of the most neglected rooms in the home. Decoration is often minimal and while we have all been guilty of throwing a rug on the floor or spending way too much time picking the perfect bath towels, how often do we stop to consider the bathroom itself.

Marble Bathroom Flooring TileCommencing at the base and working upwards, bathroom flooring is important for both practical as well as decorative reasons. If it is kept in good repair, a quality floor tile can help keep water from the under floor. However, how much effort went into the evaluation of ceramic versus stone or hardwood vs. laminate? For many of us, probably not enough.

Bathroom FaucetBathroom faucets along with shower fittings are yet another example. Many will simply accept whatever was in place when the house was constructed or purchased. Of course, it is practical, but is it beautiful? Does it integrate perfectly with the other parts of the bathroom and does it reflect the occupant’s unique individuality? .

Modern Bathroom Lighting FixtureThe same could be said about bathroom lighting, simply accepting what is there. It may glare too much or light particular areas poorly. Is there a nice looking wall sconce and where are the accent lights to illuminate that dim corner where the bathroom toilet sits? The support for the strip lighting above the mirror might not complement the style of the hot and cold water controls on the sink.

Bathroom ToiletWhen it comes to bathroom decorating, molding is frequently an after thought for too many folks. It can offer one of the most effective touches to the entire style and design since it both completes and complements the room. It provides elegance and a look of being decorated, which is difficult to match any other way.

Even paint can often be chosen just for its practical nature and although that is definitely important, it is only part of the task. A horizontally painted stripe along side the ceiling to mimic molding is but one possibility. A great concept that can easily be adapted to modern times is a painted scene, which used to be popular in the eighteenth century.

Bathroom Shower CurtainsShower curtains and rods represent one of the most effective ways to brighten the bath. The majority of folks will do something here, if for no other reason that such things tend to be absent in a brand new or newly purchased house. Change it out using more than just a basic white or colored piece of plastic and allow your personality to shine through.

Bathroom repair and maintenance is both a practical and decorative issue, as well. Cracked tiles can result in water damage and mold and replacing them is not difficult. All it requires is a combination of patience and care. Moreover, good tile is also attractive whereas cracks just look shabby.

Small Bathoom Remodeling IdeasFixing the drains is frequently put off for as long as possible. However the longer the job is ignored the more gunk is likely to accumulate. Rust, hair, bottle caps along with a hundred and one other things can impede the exit of water. That causes it to pool in unseen places, where it has an opportunity to cause even greater problems with bad odors being just one of them.

As soon as things are all in good functioning order and you have the design plan figured out, give everything another look. The majority of bathrooms tend to be smaller than we would like. Smart choice and arrangements of bathroom sinks, towel racks, shelving and other bathroom accessories will help provide additional space. Correct positioning of mirrors, lighting as well as other bathroom furniture can provide an illusion of space where none is actually possible.

Give some thought to the bathroom and relish the time spent there a lot more!