Small Bathroom Space Savers

Most bathrooms are much smaller than we would prefer. It is an odd choice on the part of home builders, considering that we spend about fifteen percent or more of our waking time in them. But, they have to trim floor space somewhere, apparently. However, that leaves homeowners with a problem on how to maximize the space. Fortunately, clever designers have given us lots of small bathroom space savers to do that.

Bathroom Space Savers Ideas

Pedestal or wall-mounted sinks are good bathroom space savers since they free up a lot of floor space by removing all cabinetry from under the sink.

The things that would normally go in the cabinet can be moved to several other places. Cleansers can reside in the kitchen. Personal items can rest on a shelf or in a medicine cabinet on the wall.

Over The Toilet Bathroom Space Savers make use of an otherwise dead spaceMost people use very little if any space above chest level, almost none above the head. But that space can be made usable and attractive.

Bathroom Space Savers – Shelves

Attractive bathroom space savers are available in the form of shelving that can hold extra towels, toilet paper, spare shampoo or any of the dozens of other things commonly found in the bathroom. If the shelves are placed too high for some members of the family, it is easy to solve the problem. A small, collapsing step stool will do the trick. It takes up a lot less floor space than cabinetry.

The same principle can even be extended to the shower/tub. A shelf above the head can hold shampoo and conditioner, razors and more. Stepping up on the edge when dry provides safe access to those items. Any small, collapsible step stool with rubber feet can be used equally well in the tub.

Bathroom Space Savers – Furniture

Counter space offers many of the same challenges, only at waist level. A pedestal or wall-mounted sink would remove the space provided by a vanity, so there is a trade off to be made.

But countertops are used more for keeping decorative or immediately useful items. Cabinetry is more for long term storage of things we want hidden. So, by adding a wall-mounted countertop near a pedestal sink we could have the best of both worlds.

Stylish soap dishes or dispensers, tooth brush holders and more will fit quite nicely there. They provide ample room for a small basket to hold jewelry, floss or other small objects. Anything you might put in a drawer can be easily accommodated.

Psychological Bathroom Space Savers

The psychological aspect of opening space in the bathroom should not be overlooked either. Simply providing the illusion of a roomy area is good enough. That can be accomplished by the proper color scheme, mirror placement and other ‘tricks’.

Mirrors are often said to create a sense of larger space. Two mirrors that reflect one another create an even larger effect. Bright colors will tend to create a feeling of more openness, and they are perfect for the bath. Darker colors give a sense of being enclosed.

For those bathrooms that offer the option, adding a window or skylight can help enormously. Access to the outdoors, along with the natural light that provides a sense of space, can really do wonders.

Be creative when it comes to bathroom space savers by considering unusual placements for towel racks, shelves and more and you will find your bathroom growing larger before your very eyes.