Bathroom Floor Covering Tips

When it comes to bathroom floor covering, there are a number of different options depending on your personal taste. You could of course just throw down any old rug in front of the tub or bathroom sink. However, since most people spend over fifteen percent of their waking life in the bathroom, do you not think that the space deserves a little better treatment.

Bathroom Floor Covering Options

Disney Princess Bathroom Floor Covering Rug First, there is the option of carpeting the entire bathroom. Indoor/outdoor carpeting used to be one way to go.

It still is and the look and feel has improved over the years. It is sturdy and long lasting.

Treated with stain-resistant, waterproof compounds, it can shed water and handle makeup, hand soap or other spills well.

However, most will still want some kind of tile, stone or wood bathroom floor covering. That introduces the need and opportunity for a fine rug of some kind.

Bathroom Floor Covering Over Tile

Fortunately, the options today are greater than ever. They provide all the functionality needed. They keep feet from being cold when stepping out of the shower or using the sink or toilet. They soak up water without promoting mildew and are easy to vacuum without getting caught up in the brushes.

Nevertheless, the one thing they never are is ugly since bathroom rugs today are beautiful.

Long gone are the thick, high-pile fuzzy monstrosities of the past. Today’s bathroom throw rug is subtle or dazzling, elegant or entertaining. Whatever motif suits your fancy, they compliment and complete the decor.

Do not forget about the value of color.

If you have a fine set of plush, white Turkish towels hanging on the rack, offset their lack of color with some sea green ovals for the sink and tub. Maybe you prefer the rich Hunter green hand towels and washcloths that go so well with your Victorian bronze fixtures. Keep the space from becoming too dark by adding a light beige or cream knit at the entrance.

Bathroom floor covering rugs can make the space appear larger or smaller, as well. Take into account the shape and size of your bathroom floor. An oval will provide the needed function but leave space and display the floor. That provides contrast and gives the impression of opening up the room.

Larger bathrooms can bear a larger rug alongside the tub and still give a feeling of roominess. Integrating your bathroom rug design with the overall decor gives a sense of completeness. Even a multi-colored, abstract design can integrate well with the overall scheme. After all, a Jackson Pollack painting hangs in the area with the other modern paintings, not in the section with European old masters.

That goal is easy to accomplish with the range of styles available today. In addition, what could be more fun than looking through the many different bathroom floor covering options?