Tips on Choosing Beautiful Bathroom Tile Designs

If you want to remodel a bathroom, then one of the most difficult things about it is in choosing bathroom tile designs. A towel or mat can easily be changed, but tiling is permanent. We’ve got some bathroom tile design tips that can lessen the burden of choosing the right one, or combination to install.

Some materials, like natural stone are inappropriate for the high moisture environment of bathrooms. Most people opt for glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles because of their durability and installation ease.

Tile size is also another consideration, especially for the shower enclosures or area. Large tiles work better on the walls since they create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t tile the entire bathroom. Instead, create an interesting tile back splash or as a frame on painted walls.

Small Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

For small bathrooms, you should use bathroom tile designs that are lighter-colored because they help to create the illusion of space.

Ceramic tiles are best for shower tiling. If you want a mosaic design, then you can use some white tiles sporadically in your patterns. However, use caution when designing your pattern. Something too ornate can be too much for the eye and make the room too busy. To be on the safe side, choose tiles with patterns already on them. You can make it more interesting with strategically placed accent tiles.

Tiling does require precision and skill, so thoroughly research the installation process or hire bathroom contractors to do it for you. It’s better to spend the money on a contractor than end up with a mess that’s not easily corrected.

Bathroom Tile Designs for Floors

No stylish bathroom is complete without a beautiful tile floor.

It’s best to use a warm color for floor tiling to offset the cool look of the fixtures. While white and neutral colors such as almond and gray remain the most popular for bathrooms, colors are becoming more popular.

To jazz up bathroom tile designs, set square tiles diagonally to create a diamond pattern instead of a classic checkerboard. Use a single color or alternate two neutrals of slightly varying saturation, for example a soft ivory and an almond.

It’s very important that you choose a tile that has some texture to it. Since the area is prone to water spills, a slick surface may present a hazard. A tile with a small amount of subtle texture will help prevent accidents.

As well, for a luxurious touch designer bathrooms incorporate, you can warm up the cold tile with electric floor heating. Turning your cold tile into a warm surface will help you recreate the warm atmosphere of a comfortable spa.

Your bathroom tile designs can set the tone for the whole space. A dynamic flooring pattern or a deep wall color can make all the difference as you remodel a bathroom. The real key is not going overboard with tiles that make the room too busy.

Most people want their bathrooms to be relaxing, so don’t let your bathroom tile designs become too ornate. Give your choices a lot of thought before you commit to a unique look because you are committing to a design that will be a part of your home addition for a long time.