Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Although the practical side of modern bathroom lighting may seem obvious, it also serves several other purposes at the same time. There are design considerations that affect the feeling of spaciousness, atmosphere and other less immediately practical issues and bathroom lighting design requires some careful thought to address these aspects. Task lighting in a bathroom consists of whole room illumination and specific highlights for the bathroom mirror. One other area that is often overlooked is that of accent lighting.

Bathroom Lighting Ceiling Mount

The main illumination for the bathroom is usually some sort of central fixture more or less in the center of the room on the ceiling. However, even within that constraint there are many choices. Elegant coverings participate in the overall design scheme. Where exactly the light is placed determines where shadows fall.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

An elegant bronze design, for example, can complement the bathroom sink faucet and controls. An old-fashioned trio of glass funnels works with that to produce a certain look of days gone by. However, contemporary designs can lend the same kind of integral function. A chromed can-style light housing gives a good reflector for efficient LED bulbs, while the rim can offer a design element that matches a high-tech looking shower.

Bathroom Lighting and Mirrors

Strip lights over the mirror can serve a dual purpose, as well. They provide useful additional light for applying makeup or shaving and other grooming tasks. At the same time, both the type of bulb and the fixture are part of the bathroom’s decor.

A series of cones that direct light straight down is one common choice. However, a softer light can be produced by angling them up at the ceiling instead. Far from creating a dark, shadowy atmosphere as they might in the home entertainment area, bouncing light off highly reflective bathroom paint gives plenty of light.

Bathroom Lighting Decor

Modern bathroom lighting fixtures are equally important. They are one of the first things anyone will notice when flipping on the light switch. Even with the bulbs off, they are part of the overall look of the room.

Select a fixture with the rest of the design scheme in mind. A Walnut or Teak support will lend a natural feel.

A brass one will provide a bright elegance that matches the hot and cold water controls for the bathroom sink.

Bathroom Lighting Zones

However, consider, as well, the role that accent lights can play in the bathroom. A dark corner in an L-shaped bathroom can be fitted with accent lights to throw illumination in that space. That provides a sense of spaciousness that helps the bathroom appear larger.

If the toilet sits in a nook around the corner from the sink or bathtub, a set of accent lights is perfect for creating yet another zone. It also produces a mixture of light and shadow that is a design element all its own.

Do not settle for just lighting up your bathroom so you can see. Design a modern bathroom lighting scheme so that you will want to see what is there.