Bathroom Remodeling can Increase the Value of Your Home

If you want to increase the value of your home, then bathroom remodeling is a great home addition. It is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your property. A coat of paint, some new fixtures and savvy accessorizing can make a big difference. Read on for some advice on how to remodel a bathroom with minimum effort and maximum results.

Color will set the mood. It will be the first thing someone notices when they enter the room. Ideally, use a warm color on the walls and use accent tiles and accessories to add bright accents. Warm-colored floors and tiling, including a tile back splash, will offset the cool looks of fixtures.

A dynamic flooring pattern or a deep wall color can make the difference. For bathroom tile selections, don’t forget to look beyond color to consider texture and tile dimensions. To highlight the tiling work, take a good look at your lighting. Soft lighting on the ceiling and vanity will help create a relaxing mood.

Redoing the sink is one of the simplest ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom. In bathroom remodeling, you naturally have to consider faucets in tandem with bathroom sinks in your bathroom remodel ideas. If you want something jazzier than a standard white, porcelain sink, then consider glass, granite or ceramic. If space is a concern, then pedestal sinks will give you more. Many bathroom sinks you’ll find today are preformed sink and counter-top combination’s made of cultured marble. These are a cost-effective way to spruce up any bathroom. With one purchase, you can resolve your sink and counter top design.

For truly beautiful bathrooms, your purpose should be to create a relaxing escape. Therefore, deciding on the perfect bathtub is paramount. A whirlpool, a soaking tub or a claw foot tub are luxurious options that can cost a pretty penny, but the investment is worth it if you love your baths. However, you need to consider if walls will need to be moved to fit that corner Jacuzzi tub and whether or not there will be issues with drainage. Bathroom toilets shopping should be next on the agenda. If you are going for style as well as functionality, then the vintage pull-chain water closet is back in style. Most bathroom toilets are available in colors to match your decor and sport features from built in fans to automatic bidets.

Of course, replacing your fixtures is only a part of bathroom remodeling. Maximize your space and add beauty with beautiful cabinetry made of interesting material such as chrome. If you have a little extra money to spend, then consider remodeling cabinet pieces for unique storage needs. Also spend a bit of money on interesting accessories such as soap decanters and toothbrush holders and bathroom wall mirrors. These small pieces will come together to create a pulled together look.

The key to successful bathroom remodeling is creating an environment that is comfortable to you, so feel free to be creative. Do you want a room full of bonsai trees and fluffy green towels? Go ahead! It’s all about soaking in the benefits of a relaxing bath.