Choosing Bathroom Shower Curtains and Rods

Bathrooms are practical places that serve numerous functions but they can also be places of beauty. In fact, very few folks are satisfied to just have a bare space that serves its purpose. They need to satisfy a primal urge and decorate. Luckily for those who like to pander to that urge, there are hundreds of choices for bathroom shower curtains and rods.

Bathroom Shower Curtains and Decor

Although the main function of these relatively simple items is to keep the water from the shower inside the shower and off the bathroom floor, they are also a major contributor to the look of the whole bath.

Go into the bathroom of a friend or acquaintance and the first thing that catches your eye may be the lovely brass sink fixtures or an outstanding vanity. However, you cannot escape noticing very soon the beautiful shower curtain and the elegant rod that holds it in place.

Like curtains for other rooms, bathroom shower curtains and rods reflect the personality of the occupant. They give an opportunity to create a design scheme that is reflected in the towels, the washcloth holder, and other decorative and useful bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Shower Curtains for Kids

For the kids’ bath it might be something fun, say a superhero theme. Spiderman can protect the floor from water while the kids battle that evil grime they picked up outside. Younger children may like the look of their favorite cartoon character displayed near the tub. It can encourage a reluctant one to get in it.

For the parents, a country theme might be just what is called for. A scene of bears in a forest, sharpening their claws on tall pines, can provide an atmosphere of calming nature. At the same time, the deep greens and browns offer a color scheme that can be reflected in the towels. However, do not forget about the curtain rod.

Bathroom Shower Curtains Rod

Although they get second billing, they are still vital to integrate with the total design. Why spend good money on the perfect light muslin shower curtain for a sailing theme, only to spoil it with a cheap white plastic rod? Instead, look for an elegant chrome or brass to complete the appearance of ship’s gear.

Rather than settle for one that offers just a sturdy straight line from one wall to the next, look for something that has ends designed to match the rest of the decorating effort. In the sailing case, that might be something as simple as hooked ends to resemble a cleat used to tie off a sail. In the kids’ case, it might have a cute little faux-wrought iron web near the wall. In the country theme, it may have the color and shape of a tree branch.

In all cases, bathroom shower curtains and rods either form the base of or continue the scheme of the whole room. That expands this utilitarian space into another room full of beauty.

After all, most folks spend more than five percent of their waking hours in the bathroom, so why not make it an agreeable place to be with the right bathroom shower curtains and rod.