Relaxing Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from Your Closet

Bathroom remodeling ideas do not have to come from magazines. While designer bathrooms are beautiful, your bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind, so why not create a room full of your own personal touches? Here are some tips, tricks and ideas that will help you design a unique space in which you will want to spend hours.

If you want a bathroom that is unique, then build on an item that is significant to you. Perhaps you have a curtain that you love or an antique medicine cabinet that you stumbled on at a flea market. Let those items be the inspiration for the rest of the room.

The bathroom design elements will impact the comfort of the user, so consider how the room will be used. The elements you include in your bathroom design will depend on who is going to use it. Master bathrooms will be used more frequently than small bathrooms, so they require more personal touches than a guest bathroom.

Beautiful bathrooms are not that difficult to achieve if you think outside the box. If you love to daydream about a vacation you’ve taken, then why not bring those memories to life in your bathroom? Tiling can be used to recreate the look of the ocean, paint colors can bring back the warmth of a sunset or a photograph from your vacation can be framed and displayed on the vanity. If you haven’t gone on your dream vacation yet, then bring the location home to you. Use metal framed Japanese lanterns to give your bathroom an Asian feel. Or, use rich colors to create a Moroccan retreat. Imagine how gorgeous plush hand towels will look tucked into an antique chest!

Inspiration for a personalized bathroom can come from your closet. If you’re a fan of floral prints or crazy about checks, then they can become part of your bathroom remodeling ideas. Decorating bathrooms with plush towels, mats, bathroom wall mirrors, accessories and tiling, can all reflect your favorite patterns and become colorful accents. Your hobbies can also be incorporated into your decor. If you’re into sailing, try a nautical theme. If yoga is your thing, then stretch your decorating talents by designing a bathroom with an Eastern flavor. If music is the love of your life, then a black and white bathroom designed to resemble piano keys can be both funky and functional.

Cool bathroom remodeling ideas do not have to come from a magazine for designer bathrooms. Examine your own interests for inspiration and find something that will create a bathroom in which you will love spending time. Your bathroom should be more than just functional. With a few savvy decisions, you can have a room that is both fun and relaxing.