How Small Bathroom Remodeling Has Room for Lots of Big Ideas

If you live in an apartment or condominium and have to make every inch of space count, then some careful planning is needed to create a bathroom that is not cramped. Small bathroom remodeling can be a challenge, but some careful planning is all it takes to turn your space into a stylish and functional room.

Read on for some great tips that will help you to maximize the uses of small bathrooms.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

There are several simple tricks that you can use to achieve the illusion of space without spending a lot of money on smaller fixtures.

Vertical lines add height to a room by drawing the eye upwards. Painting a vertical stripe or using a similar wallpaper pattern is also a good idea.

Another way to draw the eye upwards is by lining the crown of the ceiling with a border.

A good idea is to place shelves on the walls near the ceiling and fit lights underneath them. Lights, bathroom wall mirrors and other reflective surfaces also add depth, width and length to a small room.

Clear shower screens on your shower enclosures, as opposed to opaque, gives the illusion of more space and light.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Colors

The color scheme that you use in small bathrooms is critical. Light colored walls, floors and decor can make a room seem larger. Interesting ceiling lines and soft colors help enhance the mood. The key to successfully creating the illusion of space is keeping things simple. A busy wallpaper pattern will make the room seem small and cluttered.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tile Ideas

If you are redoing a tile back splash or installing a tile floor, larger tiles create a sense of space too. As a bonus, larger tiles will significantly reduce your installation time. If you are unsure about installing tiles on your own, then consider hiring bathroom contractors to do the work for you.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Layout

Small Bathroom Remodeling LayoutIf most of your small bathroom remodeling space is being taken up with bulky fixtures and furniture, then you may want to consider replacing them with items scaled down for small spaces. Instead of keeping a vanity that takes up valuable floor space, opt for a floating cabinet and a pedestal or wall mounted sink.

However, make sure that you leave yourself with enough storage space to keep the room tidy. Clutter can easily make a small room seem even smaller. If your bathtub is dominating your space, look into a corner tub, a freestanding unit or a deep soaking tub.

Small bathroom remodeling has room for lots of big ideas. If you cannot afford to replace your fixtures, take a good hard look at your living habits. Toss unused toiletries, store towels in a linen closet instead of on your shower rod and invest in a hamper instead of dropping your dirty clothes on the floor.

Once you’ve cleared away the unnecessary clutter, you can focus on painting and redecorating. Small bathroom remodeling does not have to be a major undertaking and once you have cleaned up your act, you may have even more space than you ever imagined!