Schools which offer Online or Distance Education

Most people think that choosing an online distance learning institution is a piece of cake when in fact the very opposite is true. The Internet is the logical place to start your search, but when you submit your search criteria, the results can be overwhelming. It is not just a case of reviewing a few and taking your pick.

These Programs are a Flash in the Pan for Some Operators

Just like any other "hot item," distance learning has its share of people trying to cash in on the action. Every time you blink your eye, some new online class, course or symposium seems to be the hot topic of the day. They are coming and going at an alarming rate. In view of all this, how should you go about choosing one that will not only be around until you get your degree, but will have some measure of reputation for years after you are done?

The answer is research, research and then more research! What steps would you take to find just the right brick and mortar institution to attend? These are the same steps you should follow in choosing a distance learning institution to attend. The first thing you have to do is make a list of all the things you expect an online education to furnish you with. In other words, what do you expect to end up with?

What Expectations Do You Have with Distance Learning

The first thing you need to consider is your eventual goal. You are at some point of your career or life and you are ready to take the next step. Have you just completed high school and want a Bachelor’s degree so you can enter the work force? Do you already have a Bachelor’s degree but need a Master’s degree to move up the corporate ladder? Perhaps you need a specialization certificate that tells prospective employers that you are qualified for a particular job. Or do you just want to get the GED to get past the hurdle you established by dropping out of high school? Distance learning might just be the solution to any one of these situations.

Once you have your long range goals established, it is time to get down to the details of how you will arrive there. Look closely at the different distance learning schools that have piqued your interest. Examine each one to see if they meet your expectations. Do the courses look like they interest you? Do the instructors have professional credentials? Have they been with the school full-time for a good while? These are all valid questions and go a long way towards establishing credibility with the institution.

There are other important matters to consider as well once you get to the short list of distance learning schools you are interested in. How much money are you going to be putting down? Consider all fees together, not just the tuition figure. Will you have to furnish transcripts from high school or junior college? Don’t forget to inquire as to their accreditation status and then check with the regional accreditation organization to verify it.

When you search for an online distance learning program, do as much research as you can, using the Internet and other means. If you still have questions, call the institution and talk to one of their counselors. They should be glad to help you.

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