Distance Learning Masters Degrees in Healthcare

The face of healthcare is changing. People are living longer and healthier lives. New research is being done to identify and cure the new diseases that are being discovered. New healthcare job opportunities are opening every day. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor has predicted an addition of 2,800,000 healthcare jobs by 2008. New jobs are opening faster than companies can find qualified workers to fill them. The health care industry also offers above-average wage compensation, making them more desirable for new job seekers.

With this increase in job opportunity, more students are turning to online universities to help them earn their degrees. New students are looking for an exciting new field to get into, while current healthcare personnel are going back to continue their education to keep themselves competitive. In this field, the more education you have, the more likely you are to advance into a better job.

Online universities are increasing the types of courses available as well. Gone are the days of general overview, universities are now accredited and offer the same courses as the traditional university. You can earn degrees that will help you get a career with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Taking courses online can shorten the time it takes for students to get into the workplace as well. Since courses are taken online, students can take them when it is convenient for them. Distance learning courses can be scheduled around a current work or social schedule. Courses themselves often take less time with a certificate in health care management often being earned in less than a year. The likes of a Bachelor of Science in Management with a Health Care Emphasis may take a little longer. Certification for medical assisting, billing or administrative assisting can often be completed in less than two years.

Here a some options that you may like to consider in the health field -

Healthcare Management

This is one of the most popular degrees, either to earn a Masters or a Bachelors degree. A degree in Health Care Management will give you basic managerial knowledge as applied to medicine and how to advance that in your community. Having this degree can help you get jobs in hospitals, hospices, insurance companies, group practices, and specialty clinics.

Radiology Technician

There is a current shortage of qualified people in this job area. Radiology is used in the detection and cure of some medical problems. A radiology technician learns how to use x-ray equipment and may go on to learn similar equipment such as CT scans and MRI scans. With an associates degree program you can often begin work in your field in a year or less.


Using distance learning to earn your RN or BSN degree can greatly affect your job opportunities. With hospitals and medical fields rapidly expanding, qualified nurses are in high demand and often well paid.

Medical Billing

This is an area that allows you to take advantage of the booming health care field but not have to deal with the day-to-day workings with patients. You can specialize in certain coding to advance to even better jobs. A person with a degree in medical billing will be able to complete medical forms, bill insurance companies according to their policies, and maintain patient accounts.

Massage and Physical Therapy

This rapidly growing field has a lot of job mobility. Qualified massage therapists can work in a variety of jobs from actual spas to sports clinics to cruise ships. They can have a very flexible schedule working for himself or herself or for a company. In a world that is constantly running full tilt and is continually stressed, the medical benefits of massage are becoming increasingly more appreciated.

Dental Assistant

This is another fast growing field with plenty of scope for job advancement. Every dental office needs assistants to perform the basic procedures such as x-rays, preparing materials for the dentist, and teeth whitening. Dental assisting programs are fast track and can be completed in under a year, with certification available for additional advancement.

These are just a few of the more popular careers in the healthcare field. If you do not see something that you like here, but still think that healthcare is right for you, then check with your distance learning college or university of choice for additional degree programs and information.

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