Online High School Distance Learning

Some students have trouble dealing with conventional high school. Perhaps they can’t adapt socially or they fear the violence that can occur in modern high schools. Others simply can’t attend because of medical problems; they might be bedridden or require medical equipment that is so cumbersome that attending is impractical. Still others are working as actors or some other activity that has them out of town frequently and unable to attend on a regular basis.

In any of these cases, the solution to their situation might just be online high school. This is accomplished through distance learning. Private schools and charter schools are the two types of online high school that you will find available.

Charter schools have a lot in common with the public schools you find in your neighborhood. For example, the school district in which they are operated supervise them just like a conventional public school. And since the funds they rely on to operate funnel down from the government, they must follow all the regulations that the government imposes on them.

Just like traditional public schools, attendance is free as long as the student resides in the state in which the charter school is operated. Of course if the student does not reside in that stat, he or she is free to apply under the stipulation that the student pay tuition and other applicable fees. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Charter schools are classified as private/public ventures.

You will find that the majority of charter schools are legitimately accredited. Although they are supervised by the local school district, they are managed by private companies. The benefit here is that the operating companies have a relatively free hand in designating the curriculum and setting up the way the school operates while still adhering to the guidelines mandated by the state government.

Distance learning online private high schools operate in a different manner altogether. They are not connected to the local school district like charter schools are. Rather, the school is funded by the tuition and fees that the student pays to attend. Because of this, the private company or individual that owns and runs the school has complete freedom and does not have to abide by school district guidelines. There is one caveat to be aware of if you are considering attending private school -- not all private high schools are accredited. This is something you should research before you enroll.

Why is accreditation so important in high school? The diploma you receive from a non-accredited high school may not be viewed as legitimate by a college you try to enroll in. Or if you decide to enter the work force following graduation, the same may hold true for the companies you interview with. You will find that a college will most likely not allow you to enroll before successfully passing a battery of tests and assessments. If you know which college you plan to attend, check with them to see if they operate an online high school. If so, you can attend theirs and be guaranteed acceptance if your high school grades are acceptable.

In conclusion, if you classify yourself in one of the groups of students initially mentioned: scared, ill or working, online high school might just be your solution. But bear in mind that in order to be successful, you must be willing to be self-motivated and work just as hard to get good grades as you would at the local high school. And realize that you might find it a lonely experience with no classmates.

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