Distance Learning Higher Education

You have no doubt been hearing all the commercials and advertisements for distance learning during the past couple of years. Has it got you thinking about furthering your education or even taking that first step to a higher paying career? The time is ripe to make the leap and the choices of majors are seemingly endless.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of degree or certificate you are looking to earn, chances are that it is out there. It used to be that distance learning was most often used to earn a Bachelor’s degree, but times have changed and distance learning has changed along with it.

For example, if you failed to complete high school and now realize how badly you need to in order to secure a good job, you can get a real degree, not just a GED. If you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree, you can ramp up to your Master’s. But you might not be seeking a degree. You might just need a certificate. That’s out there too! If you are a parent considering home schooling, there are programs especially designed for you.

If your goal is to secure a high school diploma, you can begin at the point you were when you dropped out. You can choose to take your education in a certain direction that you are interested in or you may want to pursue any of the GED programs. Some students have yet to begin high school and find that this is the perfect time to start moving in the direction of distance learning to begin and finish off education through graduation.

Certificates have been coming into their own in the past few years. For many, they make it possible to enter a field that does not require a Bachelor’s degree such as cosmetology, marketing, food service or criminology. In other cases this is the way to confirm their status of knowledge in a sub category of their established profession. Often this is the route to a pay raise. These certificates include such subjects as UNIX, human resources management, call center management, network security, network technology and forensic nursing.

You might hold your Bachelor’s degree and be firmly established in the career of your choice, but now you need to take that next step with a Master’s degree. Today your options are more diverse than ever before. When you have family obligations in addition to working a forty hour week, distance learning starts to look like the perfect option. And increasingly, you do not have to worry about the stigma that the old "mail order" degree held. Major universities have gotten into the distance learning game.

It doesn’t matter what kind of degree or certificate you are pursuing; you can rest assured that the distance learning of today is not the distance learning of the past. The forward march of technology has brought new, more effective and convenient modes of teaching to the forefront and major universities are now getting into the game. Today you do not have to physically be on campus to enjoy the amenities and participate in the activities that students at brick and mortise institutions do.

The modern distance learning institutions have embraced all that evolving communication technology has offered in the past half century or so. This has made the experience of education at a distance as close as possible to actual classroom experience. If you have been experiencing the desire to advance but could not because of the time involved, distance learning may provide your opportunity.

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