Online Distance Learning MBA Degree

Do you find yourself shopping around for an online MBA program, but you aren’t sure you want to invest the time and thousands of dollars for a "mail order" degree? Then you probably are wondering if the degree is going to be honored and respected like one obtained through a conventional campus type university. Well, let’s examine the facts.

Today’s Online MBA Degrees

Hiring personnel at companies and corporations all over the country are finding themselves in the position of having to re-evaluate how they think of the MBA degrees granted by online institutions. The reason is that the number of people enrolling in and graduating from these schools is rising year by year. Employers are finding that these graduates are just as capable of producing the same outstanding work as campus-oriented graduates. With that in mind, they have also found that not all online institutions that grant MBA degrees are accredited or provide top notch instructors or curricula.

That is why they still remain hesitant when they receive resumes that list an online MBA degree. They don’t want to put themselves in the position of being burned by hiring someone whose degree was not granted by a properly accredited distance learning institution, but rather was pumped out by a non-accredited diploma mill. These diploma mills usually charge as much as an accredited school, but graduates sadly find that they have wasted thousands of dollar for a worthless piece of paper. When you are shopping around for an online MBA program, do your homework; make sure they are accredited by one of the six regional accreditation organizations.

The only real difference in working on an MBA degree online as opposed to attending a brick and mortar school is that the student is in a different location than the instructor and the other students in the class. Despite the convenience of distance learning, the course work is no easier than it is at a campus. The process is identical: the text books you read are on the same level, the lectures are the same although they are delivered via videoconferencing, videotapes, and podcasts. Classroom discussions are facilitated by videoconference.

In an online program, students still must successfully pass midterm and final exams. To prevent these from becoming essentially open book tests, a local proctor is used to administer the tests. Additionally, residency hours will most likely be required to complete an MBA program. To satisfy this requirement in an online program, the student will be participating in various workshops.

The Advantage is Convenience

If the curriculum and the coursework are the same, what is the advantage of distance learning? The student’s schedule is whatever is convenient for him. This means that students can potentially finish the requirements for their MBA degree much more rapidly than if they attended a campus and sat in a classroom. In essence, these can be considered accelerated courses.

You might be surprised to find that MBA degrees from an online school usually cost as much as one from a traditional university. Of course, some schools are much more economical and others are in the Ivy League category. This fact holds true in distance learning just as it does at traditional institutions. If you happen to find an MBA program online that seems too inexpensive, be wary. Do your research to be sure everything is on the up and up. The school should be legitimately accredited and not have a reputation as a "fly by night" school. To be extra careful, run it past the BBB in the city where the school is located.

In summary, take your time choosing your online MBA program. It is a substantial investment in your future and might be the deciding factor when landing your dream job.

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