How Real Estate Listings Can Bend The Truth

Using the right words in real estate listings will make your home stand out among all of the houses for sale on the market. However, there’s a fine line between masking the truth and outright lying! Is the ‘rustic garden’ in your backyard really just an overgrown mess? Or, is your ‘handyman’s dream’ a property that would be better off demolished? Read on to learn how to write an effective real estate listing that will protect you from legal troubles down the road.

Although you have to make real estate listings as appealing as possible, be sure that your statements are accurate and comply with Fair Housing laws. As a buyer, it’s up to you to make sure a home lives up to the vendor’s promises. You can reduce the likelihood of disagreements between buyer and seller by making sure all statements are accurate. However, don’t give so much information that buyers are immediately able to eliminate your home from consideration. For example, if your property needs repairs, then leave that information out of the classified ad. Including it will often result in your listing being crossed off the potential buyer’s list, even though they probably would have been interested if they had been shown the property in person.

The key to successfully getting the right attention with a classified ad is to sell the buyer by carefully making them curious enough to want to learn more about your property. You may be tempted to use flowery prose, but it’s best to stick to simple, easy to understand words. Face it – buyers don’t care about your vocabulary! What they need to know is the location of the home, the square footage, special features and your asking price. Your descriptions should be written in short, clear sentences. Always ask readers to do something to respond. It may be to call you to request more information or check out your web site.

Once you’ve perfected your ad, you must determine which of the many real estate listings you will use. The use of an online property profile at a high traffic real estate listing website combined with either a newspaper or online classified ad can improve exposure to your sale tremendously. Advertising your FSBO property online can go a long way to getting prospective buyers attention and improving exposure to your sale. Many sites offer free home listings, so do some surfing to see what’s available locally.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so include photographs in your ad. Real estate listings that include pictures always have a better response. Emphasizing the great points of your home without going overboard will ensure a deal that everyone will be happy with.