Garage Door Opener Reviews

If you happen to be in the market for a new garage door opener, you are likely to be spoilt for choice. As with most things, you are probably looking for the best deal without having to spend a fortune. However, do you really know which are the best door openers and where you should buy them from.

Before choosing the garage door opener, your first need to decide whether you want a quiet belt driven opener, a chain drive or a near maintenance free screw drive door opener.

Once that decision has been made, you can start to look at the different models produced by reputable manufacturers. One such company is Genie who are well respected for their range of garage door openers. Their highly rated "Excelerator ISD990-2" is a quiet screw drive garage door opener which is aptly named because of it's speed of opening.

The Genie Excelerator range of garage door openers are so called because they raise the door up twice as fast when compared with conventional openers. For safety reasons, it still lowers the garage door at the normal seven inches per second. The faster opening speed can serve as a security measure, because, in the event of an emergency or threat, it will allow quicker access to the house. The average discounted price of The Genie Excelerator is usually around $239.

For added security, it is possible to upgrade to the Genie Intellicode garage door opener receiver and remote. Intellicode technology prevents unauthorized opening and access to the garage by the use of automatic rotating security codes that change every time the opener is used. Consequently, an intruder or burglar cannot access your code with a code grabber as the it changes every time the door opener is remotely activated.

The Liftmaster Estate 2500 is another of the highly rated garage door openers. This model is belt driven and known for its quiet operation. Other outstanding features include a built in twenty full cycle battery backup system in case of power failures and an optional keypad that can be installed for entry without a key. If you are going to be away from the house for any length of time, the remote can even be disabled. Average price of the Liftmaster Estate 2500 comes in around the $250 mark.

Another highly rated garage door opener from both customers and experts alike is the Wayne Dalton iDrive. This opener utilises a torsion system of operation, rather than belt or screw drive. The torsion system eliminates the need to have a large control unit mounted on the ceiling of the garage. One slight downside of the iDrive, concerns anybody that lives near to an airport. The reason being is that the remote code has been known to respond negatively to interference from either aircraft or airport communications. You should be able to get the iDrive garage door opener for around $300.

Finally, you need to find the best place to shop for a good garage door opener. As well as checking out the offerings on both Amazon and eBay, there are a number of other websites that specialize in garage doors and garage door openers. These will often give you a greater discount, but to be sure, you should also check the prices at the manufacturer's website as well.

By shopping around and doing some online research, you can find a garage door opener that will not only meet your needs for convenience and security, but also not cost you an arm and a leg.

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