Tips on Having a Garage Sale

Having a garage sale can be a huge responsibility, especially if you are a novice to the art. Most folks do not consider the time and effort that actually goes into planning one. You cannot just put up tables and haphazardly lay your items down and expect that they will be miraculously picked up and taken before noon. A successful garage sale is one that has been thoughtfully planned and researched and more than anything, has been well advertised.

One of the first things to consider when having a sale is to find out if the area requires garage sale permits or has any restrictions. For example, a subdivision may not allow a person to have an individual yard sale. Instead, there may be a certain time of the year when they can hold a community wide yard sale. Even small towns may charge fees if a person lives inside the city limits. The fee may only be a dollar, but if it is not paid the garage sale could be shut down while customers are still shopping. This could be embarrassing for you as the seller and uncomfortable for the shoppers who may be turned away.

Another thing to take into consideration when you are having a garage sale, is the type of sign that will be constructed and used. Flimsy construction paper stapled to a sign post and written in black ink will most definitely not be effective or legible from the road. Using the correct signing can help increase a garage sales profit two fold. You can always use sturdy cardboard to make a garage sale sign. One wonderful website that can help you get ready with a garage sale poster is Yardsale Queen. This diva gives fabulous advice on how to make the perfect sign that will attract a ton of potential customers to your sale.

Having a garage sale is a great experience to have if you are well prepared. Going into a garage sale without doing your research can be devastating. You may be expecting to make a huge amount, but if it is not planned properly, then you are likely to be sorely disappointed. The key is research and planning, having lots of great stuff to sell, effective advertising and sunny skies. If you have all of that, then all will end up well, with great profits.

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