How to Replace an Old Garage Door Opener

Homes that were built over twenty five years ago are likely to have old garage door opener installed. Due to their age, these older mechanisms can cause damage or even injury if they have not been regularly serviced and maintained. Newer garage door installations have safety features which were not available until recent years.

As well as decorating or remodelling inconvenient floor plans on older homes, from a safety point of view, replacing an aging garagedoor opener or even the door itself, should be at the top of most homeowners to do list. Faulty doors and opener's have been the cause of a number of injuries and even deaths of children.

Inherent dangers of old garage-door openers include the possibility that the automatic safety reverse does not work any more. Worse still, especially if the remote door opener is quite old, is that it may never have had an automatic reverse built into it in the first place.

This is a safety feature that is now required, by law, to be built into every new garage door opener. Additionally, current building codes require that only garage door openers with this feature can be used in the construction of new homes. Automatic reverse is a safety feature that causes the door to stop lowering and reverse upwards when it runs into any sort of an obstruction.

At the end of the day, do you have any way of knowing what sort of maintenance has been provided for the aging garage door. If it has been regularly maintained, it could well have a few more years of life left in it. On the other hand it could be on it's last legs and about to become unsafe. Even with the best of care in the world, moving mechanical parts will always wear over time and need replacing.

As well as the opener mechanism, older garage doors also carry certain safety risks. One of the main indications of wear or faulty components are that the door is out of balance. To test, manually lift the door part way up and then let go. If it either falls back down or rolls up the rest of the way by itself, that is a sure sign that the door is out of balance and needs to be repaired. In the case of chain drive operation, the chances are that the chain has probably stretched and could be about to break.

One thing that you should never do when you come to replace an old garage door opener, is to try and save money by keeping some of the parts that may look to be in good condition. You can guarantee that if some of the components have already worn out, it won't be long before the others will follow. This includes the track, hinges, belts if they are fitted and all the other hardware. It is false economy to save a few dollars on a replacement door opener when taking into account just how dangerous garage doors can be. Is a little cost saved now really worth the very real risk to your family.

If you live in an older home and are still using the original garage door opener, it is in your interests that you have it inspected by a reputable professional. If that inspection reveals faults or worn components, do not hesitate in having the opener replaced with a newer, safer model. The safety of your family depend on it.

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