Organizing the Garage Sale

You have way too much stuff in your garage, and you do not even remember where it all came from. You are looking for a way to get rid of it all, and make a little money in the process. If this sounds like you or your family, it may be time to plan the garage sale. There are a few things you will need to do to make sure that your sale is a success, so if you are looking to organize your event soon, these tips will definitely help.

First step in organizing the garage sale is to make sure that you have all your items sorted. Keep in mind that this may take more than just moving all your things from your garage to your front yard. Buying boxes that you can label with descriptions like baby clothes, women's clothing, household items or furniture will not only help you to keep your things in order, but will even give you some ideas for presentation when you start to have customers come over to view your things.

The importance of presentation is key as well. You should make sure that you have tables set up that look inviting and tidy--small decorations like colorful tablecloths, centerpieces, and table borders will help with the success of the garage sale, and customers will be able to see the appeal of the sale from miles away.

You should also put up creative signs around your neighborhood, on street corners or at your local community center with artwork or colors that people will remember. Treat the garage sale like a promotional event, the same way that a major retail store would and you will be surprised at the results.

There are plenty of other places to advertise the garage sale as well. Even if people in your neighborhood know about the sale, you can call your local newspaper to place a classified listing, so that people all around the city can get the information about your sale, and drop by to take a look at some items that may interest them. You may have to pay for this listing, but it could prove to be well worth it once you get a great turnout.

There are also lots of free classified listing services that you can use, such as Craig's List. This information will go out to every state in the country, and with today's online marketing, you may even get a few orders from people who may not live close to you if you provide pictures of some of the times you are putting up for sale.

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