Garage Door Opener Security

If your overhead garage door is equipped with an automatic opener mechanism, there is a means by which thieves can compromise your garage door opener security by working out what the security code is and using it to open your garage door themselves. They can do this by using an electronic device called a code grabber which can be constructed with parts from any electronic components store. Crooks are becoming very technology aware these days and are finding new ways to bypass security systems all the time. Using code grabbers, they can activate your garagedoor and gain entry into your home.

To get your code in the first place, the burglar watches from a safe distance while you are parking your car in the garage. When you open or close the door using your remote keychain, the fob will not only send the code to your garage door opener but also to the reciever in the code grabber that the thief has.

All he then has to do is duplicate that code made by your remote and use it again to open the door. Once he has gained entry, and since a lot of garages also have door's that lead into the house itself, he can steal whatever he wants from your home and leave just as easily by opening and closing your garage door.

Code grabbers for garage doors, which are quite cheap to put together, can be made from components readily available at electronics stores, and are sold in classified ads in magazines and on the internet.

It is obviously important to make garage door opener security your number one priority in order to stop would be burglars in their tracks. To do that, you will need to have some sort of scrambling system on your remote garage opener which will send out a different code each time. By doing this, it will be virtually impossible for the thief to grab the right code.

Instead of using remote transmitters that send a fixed code, this more secure method uses a system of rolling codes that change with every push of the remote button. The list of rolling code numbers match those stored in the door opener receiver.

With some four billion different codes available, it is virtually impossible for a thief to grab the correct code. Since the receiver expects no two codes to be the same, any attempt by the burglar to grab a code and then send it back is ignored This high security feature, which can be found on a newer garage door opener's such as those made by Genie and Liftmaster, changes the code whenever you use your remote to open up the garage door.

Another way a burglar can enter your home through your garage door in spite of your garage door opener is if you have not changed the master key code from the factory settings. If the burglar simply buys a spare remote it will work just like your garage door opener clicker. You should therefore always change the settings which can easily be done by opening up the clicker and the receiver, and changing some of the switches inside each.

A final thought about security on garage door's is that you should always keep the remote control hidden in the car. If a would be burglar happens to see it lying in the centre console, they can break the window on your car and steal it which will then give them easy access to your garage. After all, would you leave your house keys in the car in full view of everybody.

In some rare instances, a neighbor's keypad may be able to activate your garage door. Provided that you keep your passkey settings off the factory default, and especially if you get one of the new and more secure rolling code openers, you should be able to avoid this scenario.

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