Baby Nursery Decorative Storage Ideas

There are so many things that a new and growing baby needs. Finding places to put all of these items, yet also keep the nursery uncluttered and in the theme you originally designed. There are several ways to get all the baby nursery storage that you need without worrying about whether or not it will effect your design. You will be surprised what a few storage bins and a little bit of space can accomplish.

There are so many ways to arrange storage bins so that they not only make use easy but look great too.

Storage Bins on Casters

These are ideal for storing diapers, wipes, clothes, and other baby supplies. These can be easily placed next to a changing table or the crib for easy access. A piece of decorative cloth that matches the nursery’s theme color can hide this bin easily and still allow for easy access when needed. You can use the extra surface for placing toys or a lamp. The great things about these particular storage bins are that they are on wheels and can grow with your child. You can change the look by using a different pattern or color fabric as your nursery changes. These bins will serve you well for storing toys and other play objects as your baby grows.

Under Crib Storage

You can find the more shallow and longer bins with casters just about anywhere. These will slide very effectively under the crib for a quick storage area that is out of sight from prying eyes. This is a great place to store baby’s new clothes that do not fit yet so that when you need them they are easily accessed. You will not have to worry about anyone even noticing these bins either if you have a crib skirt. If you do not have a crib skirt, you can purchase these bins and their lids with colors to match the nursery’s theme.

Changing Table Storage

Most new parents have a changing table that holds not only all the diapers but also an array of other baby needs. There are several fun and decorative ways to convert your changing table to a well-styled storage place. Storage bins come in an array of styles and colors to fit in any place no matter how small. You can simply go out and get multiple small bins in the colors that fit your nursery need and begin to organize. You will have bins for diaper creams, teething supplies, medicines, wash clothes, and baby towels. This will allow those who come into your nursery to see a well-designed set up that you know also has a duel purpose.

Stuffed Toy Hammock

There is never a shortage on stuffed animals when you are expecting or just had a new baby. There is only so much room in the crib and too many lovelies can be a safety hazard. You want to keep them all for the baby as he or she gets older. Now it is matter of where do you display them so that the room is not cluttered and still looks great? Find yourself a great toy hammock. You will be able to hang this in the baby’s room in a corner and place all of the stuffed animals in there. This is a great way to tie in your nursery’s look with some decorative storage at the same time. The hammock can also be lowered as your baby grows so he or she can reach later on. The toy hammock is another must have for decorative storage. It is a parent’s dreams come true for anti-clutter.

No matter type of storage bins you decide to go with for your baby’s nursery, the important part is that they look good and serve their purpose. You can easily turn any type of storage unit into a nursery decor accessory with a little bit of imagination and know how. Just get creative and learn what works best for you. You baby’s room should be an uncluttered, peaceful place for him or her to live in, but it should also be easy to access all the things you need to make parenting a bit easier.