Beaded Window and Door Curtains

Barbra Streisand once remarked that she never disposes of any of her clothes explaining that all fashions eventually make a come back. Consequently, if she was to hang on to a particular top, for example, sooner or later, the fashion would come back and she might get a greater and potentially more bona fide return on the money it initially cost her to buy the retro garment. This has already occurred with many fashions, such as bell bottom trousers, which seem to make a comeback every few years. The same thing has happened with beaded window curtains, which are not really curtains in the true sense of the word, and neither are they just for windows.

The beaded curtain, although not a fashion for the body, denotes a fashion sense to the curtain’s owner and have intermittently made a return to various homes and becoming a force to be reckoned with, albeit slowly.

Among the great things about these curtains made of beads is that they can really spice up the interior decoration of your home. However, that is only one reason because they additionally reflect a point of view along with a philosophy of sorts that many such curtain owners might not be conscious of.

Beaded window curtains, while broadly called curtains, are something different that were never seen before their conception many years ago. While representing a boundary line between rooms, these so called curtains do little to block drafts or maintain temperature variations between rooms, as normal curtains do. Furthermore, they do very little to stop a person’s sight from entering a secondary room either.

Nevertheless, there is an almost charming facet to beaded window curtains that should be acknowledged. With the exception of basic aesthetic appeal, these curtains represent a loose separation that comes from the verity of different rooms being just that – different and in separate places in space, yet not in time, as one can look at both rooms that are delimited by the curtain, at the same time.

This idea is one that may appeal to anybody interested in Carlos Castaneda, Asian shamanism, or even quantum physics with its meta-mystical characteristics. This is the reason that beaded window curtains held such control over the baby boomers of the 1960’s and 70’s. Furthermore, there is the most obvious facet to these beads on strings. Along with being distinctive and pleasing, they also have a tendency to consume the eyes in fascination, which is always a good thing.