How to Choose Bedding Collections for Your Bedroom

Some bedding collections cost forty dollars, while others can cost as much as three hundred dollars. There are one hundred-thread count or four hundred count sheets. Then there is art deco, contemporary, Mediterranean, modern, retro and a plethora of assorted styles. Where does one even begin? Sometimes the best way to shop is by impulse and go with what feels good.

Finding the right comforter set is sometimes the hardest part. Interior decorators say, for massive room overhauls, the best way to shop is to find bedspreads with at least three colors. Use the mid-tone background color for your wall paint, the darker color for things like rugs, furniture or carpeting. Then use the brightest or lightest color in the pattern for your trim, your accents and your drapes. Then again, there is always the Bed-In-A-Bag trick for interior decorator beginners.

If you are a fan of TV’s “Sex and the City”, you may recall Charlotte’s fun red-and-white, poppy and ivory silk charmeuse bedroom set. The exotic design is one of the bedding collections from designer Ann Gish and can be bought for two hundred all the way up to eight hundred dollars at Neiman Marcus. Gish is known for her attention to detail, quality construction and experimentation with various textures. She likes to layer her comforter sets with various velvets, high-thread-count cottons, silks and taffetas. She will mix a bright and bold with a neutral to bring a room to life. Her “Ready to Bed” collection offers 100% silk at a reasonable price. These bedding accessories are fit for royalty!

If you love delicate French bedding collections, then the Paris based Anne de Solene is the place to look Nothing exudes romance like the elegant “Grain de Foiles” collection. The jacquard ornamentation and romantic embroidery are what sets this designer apart. You can go with soft flowery designs, neutral stripes or an airy peacock print. If you like these soft designs but not the hefty price tag, then you can find some similar Style & Co designs at Macy’s for a small fraction of the cost. On the other hand, if you are looking for extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled simplicity, only one French luxury-bedding designer that will do.

One last name to mention when it comes to bedding collections is Yves Delorme. Luxury bedding choice by this French designed are all the rage in Beverly Hills and Washington DC. These high thread count Egyptian cotton bedspreads come in all designs, colors and patterns. If you love art deco, then you can go with a funky collection like “Tamara,” with its jacquard-woven sateen and damask motif plum and mandarin spread. The “GrandFlora” collection gives you two reversible options; an Italian garden of peonies, lilies and orchids that flips to red and white candy stripes. Yves Delorme offers a wide selection of crisp white bedding comforters and sheets, as well as a stunningly sophisticated dark teal, gold and white collection called “Gramine.”