Bedroom Decor Accent Ideas

Fortunately for those folks who love to decorate the bedroom, the work is not completed when the bedding and furniture are picked out. There is an array of bedroom accents that can form a secondary theme, or flesh out the first one.

Bedroom Rugs

Rugs are the first things that come to mind. A stylish throw rug next to the bed, especially on hardwood floors, makes for a nice accent. They are practical and add to the overall look. They can be used to cover a high traffic area between an attached bathroom as well.

Bedroom Wall Accessories

Cloth wall hangings are a way to continue the color and design up into the vertical dimension. Whether a simple yarn abstract or an elaborate scene, such hangings have been a popular addition for a thousand years. Hunting scenes, peaceful pastures or any other image that integrates with the design of furniture and bedding is a good idea.

To illuminate those hangings, as well as the furniture and the overall room, a variety of lighting fixtures can be placed. The simple pole lamp has become popular in the past 20 years and the style options available today are unlimited. However, track lights, hanging lamps and much more can fit the bill too.

Those lighting fixtures can form the primary illumination for the room, or just throw a spot into a corner to add an accent. Adding shadows and bright areas uses light to make a design that alters the mood of the room any way that is desired.

Bedroom Fireplaces

For those who like another source of heat, or just an attractive decoration, a bedroom fireplace may be just the thing. They can be full sized and send out enough heat to cover the coldest nights anywhere. Alternatively, one can select a miniature fireplace that provides a modest amount of warmth while giving maximum style.

Fireplaces for the bedroom can run on propane, special lamp oil-type fuels or even be simulated using electrical displays. They may be a modern, slender brick that gives a Scandinavian look. On the other hand, they can provide a traditional American colonial bedroom decor accent that offers  the perfect complement to that oak four-poster.

Bedroom Storage and Shelving

Bookshelves are another popular choice. Models are available that can be placed into the wall, similar to a bathroom medicine cabinet without the door. Alternatively, the more usual type can be placed on L-supports. One interesting newer design hides the supports by using rods that insert into the shelf itself, while going into the wall in an L-shape behind the drywall or paneling.

Storage and closet organizers have expanded the usable space by making every cubic inch count. Modular designs allow for implementing more as needed. Movable shelves, wire racks and a thousand colors and patterns make it possible to find the one just right for your bedroom. Plastic, metal, wood or composite material options give you a choice perfect for your circumstances.

Do not let the decorating fun stop when you have arranged the bedding on that perfect piece of furniture. Pick out some bedroom accents that give the design that final touch.