How to Choose Carpet Area Rugs for your Home

When choosing the right carpet area rugs for your home, the first thing to consider would be the room size. You need to measure the area and choose the color scheme based on which room the carpet will be laid. For instance, rugs are generally used in the living room, bedrooms, dens, offices, and playrooms. When choosing rugs for those areas, you should consider the layout of the house and colors of the walls. You also want it to match your furniture in that room.

Another thing to consider is any pet and the children in the home. Certain carpets absorb the stains of pet urine and feces, which make it very difficult to remove from the rug.There are different types of carpet area rugs with various textures. Some are very soft, such as shag rugs. There are wide varieties of colors to choose from as well. If you want a rug that is heavy duty, you may want to consider a shag carpet for the living room. For the bedrooms, a shag carpet would be nice because most the soft texture is more practical on your bare feet. Shag rugs are made of natural materials. Sharp objects for fast wear and tear of the carpet can easily snag them.

A hint when choosing the color of the rug is that the dark rugs make the room feel smaller and cozier, while light colors make the room feel more spacious than the actual size. In most homes, people use darker colored rugs in the living rooms, dens, and playrooms. In the bedrooms, they use lighter colored carpet area rugs.

You must consider the amount of traffic in the room. If your room gets heavy traffic, choose one with more repetitive patterns to decrease the level of wear and tear. Industrial rugs are inexpensive and very low maintenance, but for looks, the colors are dull and the texture is hard. All it is a floor covering.

Another option is an oriental rug, which has a softer texture than an industrial rug, comes in a variety of patterns and designs, and would accent the room. It would compliment the color scheme in your rooms. Some people find them very easy to maintain and using them as scatter rugs in front of the sofa. The smaller ones are machine washable. Oriental wool rugs are extremely durable and will probably outlast your furniture before they wear out.

There are braided rugs that have a harder texture than shag and oriental rugs. They are usually roundly shaped and can easily come a part, mostly recommended for the bedroom, although, people use them in the living room. They come in various sizes and can be somewhat difficult to keep clean. Rugs have fiber in them which produce the textures of the rug. Certain fibers are softer than others, which should be considered when choosing the best option of carpet for your home.

Another helpful idea when choosing the right rug would be to find out if the rug will need a pad under it, if so what type would be best before laying the rug down over it. Find out if the rug you like would have a lot of durability in the room you would like to install it, especially if there is high amount traffic. Ask the retail store if the rug you would like to purchase has a warranty. If it does come with a guarantee, find out what it covers and how long it lasts. Ask the store how often you would need to clean the rug based on the amount of traffic on the rug. Find out about the fiber content so you know how long the rug should last you. With that information, you can find out if sharp objects easily fray the rug.

A few more hints that are helpful is to think about the color and the amount of sunlight the carpet gets. The rug color will fade if it gets too much sunlight in the room, along with the humidity from the heat in the summer time. Therefore, be sure to choose the right color carpet based on the amount sunlight in the room.