Decorative Molding Ideas for your Home

When it comes to home decor, there are many things that can be done to spruce up a home, apartment, or condo. One of the great ways that is often overlooked is by using decorative molding. These great pieces are available in all shapes and styles to meet any decor. You could use the molding, as most do, to simply accent a room by placing it up on the wall near the ceiling, or you could find many other original ways of making the molding work for you and your room.

Because molding comes in several different materials and styles, you would be hard pushed to go through the list of choices and not find a single molding that cannot work with the style that you have or are aiming for.

Decorative Wall Molding

Perhaps the most popular method of using molding is for the walls. It is normally placed on the top of the wall near the ceiling and offers a different look where the wall and ceiling meet. Crown molding will give the wall a colonial look and it is actually quite regal.

Alternatively, you can go with something far more restrained and simple that will just bring out the look of that particular area. Whichever way you view it, molding has a way of making even the most bleak of rooms stand out when it comes to design. There are countless styles of moldings available that will fit just about any style and motif for a very reasonable price. For this reason, it has become one of the most simple yet effective home improvement projects available today for novice designers all the way up the ranks to the pros.

Chair Rail Molding

While many folks may find that a good chair rail on the wall separates and defines the room, folks are now looking at certain moldings to simply shape the room of give it some flair where it otherwise was lacking. With more styles of decorative molding than you can count, it is easy to see why folks are introducing it into rooms where it otherwise would not be welcome. The molding is not just for the safety of the paint anymore when it comes to chairs making contact with the paint.

Kitchen Trimmings

When it comes to kitchens and the trimmings that are entailed in them, many times folks will look to molding as the solution to their design problems. While there may be a great way to attach small quarter round on certain walls or counter areas, molding has found its way into the kitchen as well. It is a great design tool when it comes to making something look different. Kitchen cabinets, counters and islands are no exception to this and have benefited greatly from the different moldings used on them.

Arch Way Molding

With archways being so popular in the older homes and buildings, it is only natural that there would be enough space for you to place a nice molding around the archway. When you place a decent molding around a large archway, it tends to soften the look of the opening and make it a little more inviting, rather than an appearance of a gaping maw. Find the right molding that will work for your particular archway, and you are all set in the home decor department.

Decorative Wood Molding for Furniture

Many times, folks will use molding to enhance and shine up furniture that has lost its luster or appeal to the owner. Molding on wood furniture, such as a dresser or a table, can really change the look of the item, and make it look like an entirely different piece. Look around for the best piece that will fit what you want to dress up. Decorative molding is the new decor eye candy.