Decorative Window Treatment Ideas

Windows perplex folks because there are so many choices when it comes to decorative window treatments. What most folks do not realize is that you have to study the window areas of your house, so you will know if your desires match the needs of the window. Do not let the idea of hanging window curtains, rods, and shades freak you out, and cause you to have a nervous breakdown. Learn how to approach decorating with the windows that you have got and make them look great!

If you have just moved into a house, or you just plain have not paid that much attention to your windows, then you will need to step back and take a breather. Spending time studying your window needs, and matching it with your desires is the keystone to good-looking windows.

When deciding on window treatments the goal is to match up what you want, and the functionality of the window in your home. For example, if you have got a window that casts a lot of light in your living or TV room when you are trying to watch TV or movies, sheer draperies without a reliable shade behind it, will not do much good. In older homes, issues of light can be a real problem, and they are found throughout the house from the living room, to the bathroom

Privacy inside your house is just as important as light and its part of the package when trying to decide on a decorative window treatment for your home. It is a sure thing that you do not want to advertise to your neighbor or any passer by, that you are changing or getting ready to step into the shower, so picking the right type of covering for your windows is primary for privacy. There are plenty of solutions to this problem, and most of them are relatively inexpensive. Stained glass can be used in a bathroom, where shades are not usually practical, and for your bedroom you can place cafe curtains at the top, and open and close shutters at the bottom for the needed times of privacy.

Other options are that mini blinds and shades can be bought at a local discount store or home improvement center that open from the bottom up, and up to as far as you want the shade or blind to open. For total privacy, add the stick on film to your bathrooms at the bottom to keep your privacy. Tinting windows is another way to block sunlight, but if you have them tinted it will cut down on the amount of light, and your view to the outside will be limited. Some folks will have only a portion of their homes windows tinted, and drop shades at the appropriate time of day, or even close the curtains at night for privacy.

There are other issues with home decor window treatments.

Heavy draperies next to windows can cause windows to sweat if you do not have well insulated thermo pain windows. In addition, the incorrect type of a sheer window dressing can destroy furniture upholstery if too much sun is allowed inside the room. One rule of thumb is not to set a couch or chair that has directly in front of a window unless you have the right type of window coverings. Extra long drapes can cover up register vents that allow cooling and heating of the room too. You will need to balance the design or your drapes with the functionality of the room itself. Many folks will place a mini blind against a window, and then a sheer with a tie back so they can place their furniture within the range of a vent. Do not forget to that heat will dry rot your curtains, and you will make trips to the store to replace them.

Read over some design books about window treatments, and look at your options, so you will know the type of coverings that you need. It not that hard, but it will take a little investigation on your part, to get the perfect window for your lifestyle and needs. There is a lot to learn about how windows can be a part of your decorating scheme for your home such as style, colors, and rod choices, but it is not difficult to learn. Remember, study how to put up decorative window treatments and it will be a joy to look at, and to use.