Dinner Table Decor Ideas for Guests

There are several ways to make an attractive table for guests, depending on the occasion and amount of people. Your dinner table decor can be very simple or may be creative. For example, a regular dinner invitation can include placing a colorized linen tablecloth. Lacy table clothes and fancy napkins can accent a table.

Use complementary colors such as reds and greens for a tablecloth and use bowls and chinaware that have a pattern that would complement the cover. On the tablecloth, you could place lightly scented candles and a vase of fresh cut flowers to match the color of the cover. Roses and carnations are plain colored flowers that would give off a light scent and will match many patterns and designs on table clothes and napkins. The dinnerware and folded napkins should match the tablecloth.

To individualize each place setting, you can use centerpieces to add charm and excitement to your dinner table. This is especially great during the holidays. For example, you may want to use a floating candle bowl with green holly at Christmas time. You can put a floral arrangement in a porcelain vase in the center of the table. Make sure the centerpiece is smaller to avoid obscuring the view of the guests around the table. A small wind charm hanging by the table to give off a pleasant light sound will produce a relaxing atmosphere. A host or hostess can use gold or silver eating utensils and place napkins under the utensils.

If you are serving wine or other alcoholic beverages, you should use wine glasses and other goblets. For regular soft drinks, you can use your everyday drinking glasses. Place two small pitchers of ice water at each end of the table with colored drinking glasses. Place appetizers, wine bottles and alcoholic beverages out first. If you choose to make a punch, set out the punch bowl set with an ice bucket. Be sure to clean off the table before setting down the main dishes and clean it off once again after finishing the meal and before bringing out the dessert.

Make sure the dessert is appetizing, such as a homemade apple pie topped with ice cream or whipped cream or a strawberry cheesecake. A lemon-filled cake with yellow frosting for a pastel color will add a soft touch to any dinner table and will be appealing to eat.

For hot beverages, use tea and coffee cups that have an old fashion design for the holidays.

Condiments, seasonings, and dressings should be arranged together. When serving the food, arrange colorful dishes from the plain dishes, such as the fruit and salad dishes beside the pasta dish. The dessert should be set out on the table after the main course and appetizers have been eaten. Choose dishes that harmonize each other. Place a small bowl on the table with mints or chocolates for after dinner.

When making the dining area comfortable, use soft cushioned chairs that are lower for better posturing of your guests. Do not use large vases or too many candles. In fact, one or two small candles are sufficient depending on the size of the table and number of guests. You should limit the amount of guests to six or eight people. Use a brighter light, as opposed to low lighting since this helps the food look more appealing. In addition, you may want to play some soft instrumental music in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere. Heavy metal and hard rock music would not be suitable during a dinner party.

Entertaining the guests at the table is important as well. Telling jokes and sharing some funny short stories will add some laughter and excitement to the party. It makes the guests feel comfortable and more at home.

Overall, depending on the occasion your dinner table decor can be fancy or very simple. For other occasions like showers and birthdays, you can add balloons, party paper plates, cups and streamers together with treat bags.