Fireplace Accessories Decor Ideas

We all know that it the fireplace is primarily the main stage focal point of any living room. There is something special about the charm and warm appeal that draws much in the way of attention. However, when it comes to fireplace accessories, it is all about the tools that come with it. Elegance and charm aside, the tools make this great conversation piece run, as it should.

There are many fashions of fireplace tools to choose from. There is wrought Iron, Steel, Copper, or polished brass. Fireplaces have changed through the centuries, reflecting the tastes of a variety of people from a multitude of regions across the globe. Depending on what part of the world you are in there is certainly a large variety of finishes to appeal to any taste and decor.

To bring that special look to your room whether it is classic or contemporary, modern or Gothic, there are enough styles to bring that special look into your home. Antique copper, pewter and nickel, polished iron, black wrought iron, and bronze finishes are just a start to the multitude of textures and finishes available.

Masons and blacksmiths have been making fireplaces for hundreds of years using a wide variety of materials that would meet any homes needs of yesteryear all the way up to today. Using brick, solid stone, marble, iron and clay have decorated houses for centuries. As these blacksmiths used many sturdy materials to build these fine hearths, workers have stayed busy trying to accessorize them.

  • There are glass doors that give your fireplace an enchanting look while acting functional as well by keeping the heat from escaping.
  • There are carts of wood and stands of iron, which can give your fireplace an old vintage appearance.
  • Wooden mantels add charm to any fireplace, these wooden shelf pieces not only accent your fireplace but also give you a place to set your fondest family treasures which will certainly add to any family or living room decor.
  • While fireplaces are beautiful to look at, a large number of accenting screens are available to keep the flames in the fireplace, while allowing the heat to spread throughout the house.
  • A fireplace tool set which includes a shovel, poker, log lifter, stand, and broom are a standard that put the finishing touches on the most elegant of hearths. Besides these basics, there are varieties of nontraditional choices, which also can lend beauty to your wood fired theme.
  • There are decorative oil lamps that come in a variety of colors and style.
  • Fireproof figurines can add a certain charisma to your fireplace.
  • Wall clocks above the mantle will accent your fireplace and can even bring a whole room together.
  • Nothing says romantic like reading a good book while enjoying the coals glow. For this occasion there are twin bookcases matching the integrity and design of the mantel.
  • A decorative vase with beautiful flowers, whether artificial or real would beautify your fireplace and give off a terrific scent in the air as well.
  • Ember tea light logs are fancy and will add charm and a romantic atmosphere to your room as well.
  • You can get fire backs to use a plate to go in the back of the fireplace, they have various different engravings of animals and other objects to add detail to it.
  • Wood bellows are used to start the fireplace and add a bit of personality as well. Nothing brings a room with a fireplace together like a painting or print from your favorite artist.
  • Sculpture also can bring the room together in a unique and contrasting way.

Fireplace Seat Fenders

Fenders have been used for many years for as a safety barrier to protect people getting too close to the fire, more so now for exquisiteness. The fenders of today are now constructed to be low enough where they do not impede the piling of wood in the hearth and give a beautiful reflection of the fire off the brass.

It is a completely different aspect added to the fireplace. In the old days, people were making many more seat fenders. With the leather top nail for sitting, someone could easily toast away the cold in front of this lovely fireplace with friends. These are still custom made today. Most of them are made of solid brass.

Overall, there are many fireplace accessories that you put on your hearth to accent your home and create a magnificent atmosphere for years to come.