Five Ways to Decorate with Tin Ceiling Tiles

If you have a creative mind, there are numerous ways to use tin ceiling tiles to help decorate your home. You can get thousands of types of tin ceiling tiles at a low cost that can be used as a starting tool for other household projects. Many of these tiles come with an array of intricate patterns or designs in each tile for the perfect look and decor design you are interested in achieving. Color schemes are simple and easy to match when you are choosing the perfect tile for your home’s theme.

Tin ceiling tiles are not just for the ceiling any more and many folks actually choose to use them as a major part of their home decor in other areas and also in smaller crafts that accessorize the home. They can be used in many home-decorating projects that add spice, color, and pizazz to a room or theme without taking over. Here are five great ideas to add tin ceiling tiles to you home decor.


Because ceiling tin tiles come in so many sizes, colors, and designs, you can easily find the right color and pattern to tie in any wall theme. You can use these awesome tiles as a border around any room that will add just enough color and shine but not pull away from the entire room. Many folks use tin ceiling tiles as a border a few feet above the floor to help separate wallpaper from painted areas. This sleek, attractive border can help draw the colors out of your above wall paper while also making your below paint scheme stand out. Other folks who like their borders at the ceiling or just below can also benefit from this design. You can get a multi-textured tin ceiling tile set that will make the color of your wall paper or paint stand out more vividly.

Fireplace Decor

For those who would love to spice up their fireplace and surrounding space, tin ceiling tiles can be just the things you are looking for. You can construct these tiles easily in to a glorious fireplace cover that can tie in any room theme. Tin ceiling tiles offer a shiny attractive design that can be made to match any color scheme and design plan. Not only are they attractive but also they are also heat resistant so enjoying your fireplace as well as providing a decorative purpose is easily achieved. Many folks who have designed fireplace covers from tin ceiling tiles will choose two colors that tie into the room’s decor for an outstanding look that will draw everyone’s eye right in.

Arch Ways and Hallway Ceilings

For those who either do not like the idea of tin ceiling tiles for the entire home’s ceiling network, but love the look it can bring, tiling just the arch ways and hallways of the home can give the desired look without going over board. Pressed tin ceiling tiles can be used to attach rooms that differ in design and color by bridging, using a neutral or shared color. Archways and hallways that separate rooms or areas are the perfect place for tin ceiling tile use. Instead of leaving, these useful spaces bare and devoid of decor, add some shine that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

Wall Pieces and Art

If you want to add the decorative flair of embossed tin ceiling tiles to your home but in a more accessorizing fashion, try using them as wall pieces and as decorative art. You can choose several types, design patterns, and colors to help you put together a wall piece that can be hung in any room. These lovely pieces of homemade art decor will help to tie in the room’s color and design scheme in a unique and glamorous way. You will also be able to choose how large or small you wall piece is to suit your room perfectly.

Bars and Islands

A great way to spruce up and decorate the base to any bar or island is tin ceiling tiles. You can simply choose a color and design that matches the other decor and color schemes in the rooms these occupy. Bars and islands tend to be highly used places in the home where food, beverage, and hands frequent. Tin ceiling tiles used on the bases of these home lovelies can make clean up much easier than that of other bases materials such as wood or ceramic tile. They are also more attractive than material such as linoleum.