Helpful Hints on Choosing a Rug for your Home

Area rugs and carpets are a hugely popular option for flooring in the home and for good reason. For a start, they are easy to care for, versatile, easily replaced and durable. They are generally used in the living room, bedrooms, dens, offices, and playrooms and are available in a thousand attractive styles and colors. When choosing a rug for those areas, you should consider the layout and color scheme and match it to the furniture in that room.

Woven Rugs

Weaving has been a highly developed art for a thousand years. Modern woven rugs is produced on looms that have advanced considerably over those prior centuries, but the basics have remained.

Weaving threads over one another creates a strong surface. Treating them with modern chemicals makes them stain-resistant to spills, dirt and other common problems. Using different colored threads and weaving them into different patterns creates designs that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Tufted Rugs

Tufted carpets are produced, as the name suggests, by a tufting machine. In this technique, a backing cloth provides a strong base into which yarn is stitched and then cut. The result is a ‘tuft’ of carpet, just as you might think of a tuft of hair sticking up.

This method of carpet construction uses single-colored yarn, which is then dyed into colors and printed with patterns of varying types. The result can be a cut pile that is attractive and inexpensive, thanks to the efficient use of materials.

Flat Weave Rug

Alternating warp and weft threads create a flat weave. Wefts are the threads running crosswise or horizontally, warps are those running lengthwise or vertically. The result is a very durable surface that can be highly distinctive.

Threads of varying color, thickness and material can be used in some advanced applications to produce colorful, individual designs. Often used in oriental rug making, flat weaves offer beauty and long-life.

Hooked Rug

Not every rug or carpet design needs to be quite so elaborate, however, to be durable and beautiful. Hooked rug construction is a relatively simple technique similar to crocheting. Strips of material are pulled through a mesh.

Given the variety of colors and designs possible in the basic strips, the resulting rug can be highly individual and attractive. Generally used for lower traffic areas, they make for outstanding bathroom or office applications.

Pile Rugs

Pile rugs became very common in the 1970s and they continue to be popular today. Often of a uniform color, it is possible to produce a cut and loop or knotted pile with a very thick, rich surface. Ultra-comfortable, they can also last a very long time while being modest cost.

One type called a Frieze is suitable for high traffic areas. Its short fibers of durable material tend to curl, making for a strong, crush-resistant surface. Another variety consists of fibers twisted together that are heat-treated. The result is a very soft texture that stands up well.

When looking for an area rug, whether for the living room, office or just to cover the entrance, look into several options. Some materials and designs work better in one application than another. Choose well and you will have beautiful, long-lasting flooring that meets your budget goals.