Home Decor Baskets

Home decor baskets have to be one of the ultimate home accessories around and there are very few homes that could not use them. Baskets not only offer you a great looking accessory, they also double as storage as well. You can use baskets on the floors, tables, in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. They are a multipurpose item that allows you to utilize your homes space as well as add to the home decor theme. You can get baskets in all type of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any possible room. This gives you much to play with when it comes to accessorizing your home.

Living Room Decor Ideas Using Baskets

When it comes to what type and style of home decor baskets will serve you well in your living room, you have many options. You can choose from a variety of sizes that fit in many places around the room. Large baskets with thick handles offer the user an excellent decor piece as well a place to hold magazines, flowers, stuffed animals, or anything else you can think of. These can be placed in any corner or area that you desire that helps to accentuate the rest of your furniture as well as tie in the theme of your home’s decor.

You can also choose smaller baskets with or without handles to set on coffee or end tables. These baskets can hold small items such as candies, potpourri, and candles. Your choice of baskets should include styles and colors that work with the color scheme of your home. If you find the perfect basket to accessorize your living room and it does not match your home decor theme colors, you can always choose to paint it. You will want to be sure if the original color is dark you first use a white primer coat to be sure that your basket will end up the color you desire.

Uses for Kitchen Baskets

Baskets are the perfect accessory for any kitchen decor. It does not matter if you have a country or more modern design to your home’s kitchen, the perfect baskets can be just what you need. The wall-mounted baskets always are a good choice for kitchen accessories. You can use these wall baskets to hold flowers, plants, or an array of other types of items that tie your kitchen scheme into the perfect look. You will also benefit from an array of stylish baskets in many sizes all through out your kitchen design. Small baskets can be used to hold fruits and breads on the counter tops. You can use other basket shapes to put your canisters in as well. Medium baskets can be hung from the ceiling to also hold fruits, veggies, and potatoes for easy access as well as home decor. Large baskets can be used in kitchen corners filled with real or fake flowers and plants. This will help tie in your kitchen’s motif in a stylish and useful way. Make sure to match your basket colors to your kitchen colors for the perfect look.

Baskets for the Perfect Bathroom

When choosing the right baskets for your bathroom decor you will have to consider your bathrooms size and spacing capacity. Larger bathroom will hold more basket options than smaller one, but they both can use baskets for accessories. For large bathrooms, you can easily use a larger basket next to the toilet to hold magazines or picture books. Both large and small bathrooms can benefit from small baskets on the counter tops. These can be used to accentuate the bathroom colors as well as hold various items. Small, well-placed baskets can be used on sink tops to hold personal items such as combs, brushes, deodorant, and other various necessities. Baskets can also be wall mounted to hold decorative washcloths and hand towels to give your bathroom an all around classy, clean appearance.

As you can see, baskets can help to accessorize any home in a multitude of ways. No matter what your home decor theme and color design is in any room, there are many home decor baskets that can pull your design together. Just keep in mind when basket shopping what size, style, and colors will work right for you and your home.