Home Decor Candle Decorating Ideas

Candles fell out of favor after electricity came along, but for the past few years, folks have realized the benefits of candles. There are all kinds of candle flavors, and different styles as well. Votive, tapered, round, multicolored are just a few of them, and you can buy them in just about any store. If you want to decorate with candles, but are not sure how, then read on to learn some of the unique ways that you can make your home an inviting and soothing place with candle decorating.

The first tip when using home decor candles in your home is to always think safety! Never leave them burning overnight, or in an enclosed room without ventilation. Dangerous carbon monoxide builds up, or a slight breeze from an open window or a heating and cooling system can easily start a fire. Things can topple too from their place and land on candles. Pets should never be left alone in a house with any candle burning because they can tip them over and catching your house or themselves on fire. Children should never be allowed to keep candles in their room either. They are just not responsible enough to handle the danger, should something untoward happen. Always be extra cautious when burning candles anywhere in your home.

With that said, candle decorating can make an attractive addition to your home decor. They also provide delicious scents that delight the senses, and relax at the same time. That is one-reason aromatherapy candles are so popular today.

You can use them in the bathroom as a romantic centerpiece with a special someone, or just use them yourself to relax by with a good book. Garden tubs have a large space where you can place a few romantic scents, and it is not dangerous either. Just be careful that they are not accidentally tipped over the ledge of the tub. Heavy jars with scents in them are the best to use when placing them around the tub because they will not break as easily or slid off a flat candle plate, or shallow holder.

Tea candles make great looking centerpieces for an end, coffee, or dinning room table. You can be scented or not, and are cheap to buy, especially if you buy in bulk. Heavy stone glass cups or quality-stemmed glassware is a good way to make a decorative impression with tea light candles. You can use them on a mantle place to make a really impression during the holiday seasons, or for anytime. Don’t forget that any empty sconces on the walls in your home create a relaxing atmosphere for guests and you. Besides it economical, and shows a flare of your creativity too.

Long tapered candles are nice as an accent to a floral arrangement on the dinning room table, or on a mantle place. Whenever you set a floral arrangement on either, be sure to get the smokeless and non drip candle, and be sure any greenery is not set to close. The last thing you need is a fire. Sometimes candles can make enough of an impression that you do not need any flowers or green at all. To spice up the candles, you can always roll the candle in glitter for a dramatic, but simple elegance.

Pillar candles are heavy, but can be used in all of the traditional places in your home for a glorious affect of light, and style. The neat thing about these types of candles is that you do not have to buy a specialized holder for it. Any type of heavy and sturdy holder will work nicely. Pull out some small or large plates and saucers, deep soup bowls, or meat platters, to create a nice look for your house. They can be bought in scented or plain, and graduating the sizes on a table or mantle will awe all that come into your house at any time. A word of warning is that make sure you pillar candles are at least three inches apart, or they will melt into the other candles, and run onto other surfaces. Pillar candles are a neat way to decorate and inspire the mood of any party.

There are other types of candles that you can use in your home for a dramatic affect such as floating candles for a pool party, so use your imagination and know that even that even when a candle is not lit, it still creates a sense of style and elegance to your home. Learn about home decor  candle decorating, and always think safety before style.