How to Choose Bedding Styles

Selecting bedding styles involves weighing a host of factors such as style, comfort, durability and cost . There are a dozen or more attributes to look at to get just the right sheets, blanket, comforter or bedspreads, and pillowcases. Not to mention the half dozen more attributes to cover if you want a good bed skirt. However, some are more important than others and unless you adhere to the Amish point of view, plain is not the way to go. You need to think integrated when it comes to style in your bedroom.

Getting bedding is like selecting any other feature of the house or wardrobe. Some things go together and others clash. That applies to mates, as well, but that is another topic. Like food and drink, some enhance one another, others in combination ruin the experience when they would be fine separately.

Some lucky few have an innate sense of what works well together. However, you do not have to be a designer to take advantage of that ability. Good taste is a possibility open to anybody.

Consider Color First

However, do not just think of a color in isolation or look at a color fabric patch. Consider it in the context of the total design. Red can leap out or sit quietly in the background, depending on shade and how it is used in the whole ensemble. But yellow will never take a back seat, unless it is used very sparingly in the form of thin lines or small dots.

Look at Pattern

There is a reason those old-style TV test patterns from the ’50s make you dizzy. It is essentially the same reason that a set of parallel smooth arcs creates a sense of peace. The brain is just wired that way. Whether your personal taste runs to expressionist splashes of random splotches of color, or you prefer a regular checked pattern, it will strike the eye a certain way. Regular is regular for everyone, random is the same the world over.

Now expand those two to encompass all the elements of bedding: sheets, bedspread or comforter, pillow cases and more. Unless you want to relive your teen years, or the times in college when you were happy to inherit items from a dozen different sources, put things together that go together. Even a seemingly eclectic collection of patterns and colors has a central eclectic theme.

Fortunately, much of that work has already been done for you. Vendors usually offer matched sets of pillowcases, sheets and more to fit any taste. Select according to how it fits the rest of your bedroom and you are on your way. If you have Colonial-style furniture, focus on the simple patterns and warm colors of New England. If you fancy going for an Asian look, seek out those bright reds and greens with contrasting black that define this stylish option.