How to Create a Unique Coffee Table

When it comes to home decorating, coffee tables are always something that many folks seem to find an interesting subject. It really does not matter the ear or means that the table was made from, coffee tables are a very big part of home decor. Some folks will even get a set of tables including a coffee table, and design the rest of the room around them. Others will have an idea that will, or they think will, work and they try to get an image in their head about the room and the tables that they are interested in. Then there are the very few that know what they want, know how the room should, and in fact will look, and just piece everything all together, without so much as batting an eyelid. These are the folks that for some reason or another just seem to have more design savvy than most.

Everybody has great ideas for a unique coffee table every now and then, and it is those that are truly original that really make the grade.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Many folks would love to have a fish tank, and many folks would love to have a great looking coffee table. Why not combine a great coffee table with a great fish tank, and have a wonderful outcome? Several companies make great fish tank coffee tables, which are not only stable for the fish and safe for your home, but an absolute delight to watch and own. There is probably nothing more soothing or relaxing than a fish tank, yet many folks do not have a whole lot of space to put one in their living room or den. For this reason, the coffee table fish tank was invented to appease the masses that just could not make it work otherwise. You will save space, and you will have the delight of fish swimming around before you in your own unique coffee table – what a wonderful idea.

Driftwood Table

When it comes to wood and tables, a certain mystic charm is associated with driftwood. It is very possible for you to find a nice piece of large driftwood and you can easily get a great piece of glass cut to fit on top. You will have a lovely coffee table that looks very natural and will fill the living room with a great sense of style and charm. Many folks these days are making attempts at bringing nature into their homes and applying it to the motif or home decoration schemes. This is another wonderful example of what to do with what is available in nature and a touch of ingenuity.

Old Movie Reel Coffee Table

A truly neat and unique idea would have to be a large movie house reel with a large circular sheet of glass on top. This is a very interesting fashion of table that offers a nostalgic and old school charm into your living room. You can find the old movie reels in many salvage yards, and the glass can be cut to accommodate the top of the reel. You will need a base for the table to sit on, a great idea for a solid base for the table would be a lower portion of a torch lamp. This is a very easy thing to find in many second hand shops, you may find the lamp for $5.00 and then you will have to dismantle it. When you think about it, the five dollars that you spend on a lamp, only to destroy it will pay off large when you have the old movie reel coffee table and matching end tables of your dreams.

Take your time and look around, you will easily be surprised on the things that you can find that will make an excellent unique coffee table that will have folks talking for many years to come.